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Feature suggestion list

This list shows all suggested support table features based on GitHub issues. The vote count is based on +1s in each issue's comments as well as any votes originally received via Google Moderator.

The list is updated every hour.

1. css writing-mode with rtl, ltr, bdo & unicode-bidi values51
2. CSS Level 4 Selectors (e.g. :scope with Element.querySelector)43
3. sizes attribute24
4. Multicolor font support. This is a new OpenType feature that has four different implementations. Cur...23
5. CSS3 @namespace Support Though it is one of the least well known of all of the CSS3 modules. &ldquo...23
6. Media element (<audio>/<video>) attributes: currentTime, volume, playbackRate etc.23
7. XPath & document.evaluate22
8. CSSMatrix22
9. SVG 2 features (currently drafting)21
10. Since Media Queries Level 4 has become a Editors Draft, I think it should appear on Can I Use21
11. Outline Outline-offset Outline-radius etc.21
12. hanging-punctuation would be a nice addition to the list of things available or not!20
13. ref="noreferrer"20
14. Constraint Validation API (includes reportValidity)20
15. Encrypted Media Extensions20
16. Advanced SVG text features, such as TextArea, FlowText and the "editable" attribute.19
17. Directory upload: <input type="file" directory mozdirectory webkitdirectory>19
18. Please add browser support table of CSS keyframe timing functions: steps(n, start), steps(n, end), s...19
19. Media Fragments URI 19
20. add the new video format: h26518
21. I would like to see document.readyState supported values in the caniuse.com18
22. I suggest support for TransferableObject types (of which there are several) 17
23. The bdi (bidi isolate) element, added in HTML5 to ease inserting RTL text into an LTR page or vice-v...17
25. HTML5 input type "month" Browser compatibility with HTML5's input type "month&qu...17
26. CSS3 marquee support. 17
27. Path2D16
28. Add column-span and column-fill features16
29. I have just noticed that the onended event of the HTML5 <audio> tag is supported in Firefox 11...16
30. Service Workers as appears here and here Still just a draft but the partial and full support would ...16
31. text-wrap15
32. The <keygen> tag is a bit of a mess when it comes to support, so it would be quite a useful ad...15
33. Support for CSS3 overflow-x and overflow-y properties15
34. I suggest adding statistics for Aural style sheets which contain CSS properties such as "speak....15
35. gzip compression15
36. localeCompare 15
37. How about overflow-scrolling? iOS Safari needs the webkit vendor prefix for example. Can't find ...14
38. mediagroup content attribute, MediaController object, VideoTrackList, AudioTrackList objects14
39. CSS3 Template Layout 14
40. ES6 Template Strings / Template Literals14
41. The Output Element 14
42. Browser support for crossorigin attribute on img/video (as described in ) would be useful13
43. setSelectionRange, selectionStart and selectionEnd13
44. Please add CSS display: run-in support tables 13
45. input[autocomplete] (values besides on/off) 13
46. Soft hyphen: html entity &shy;13
47. requestAutoComplete 13
48. SVGZ-specific support table since iOS < 4.2 doesn't support it, but does support SVG. Not su...13
49. Show browser support for CSS border-collapse and border-spacing (and there might be other table-rela...13
50. Include `baseline-shift` CSS property12
51. console.time and console.timeEnd, two very useful functions for measuring performance12
52. HTML Media Capture is at a Candidate Recommendation as of 09 May 2013. I would like this updated on ...12
53. Add theme-color Meta Tag12
55. css3 animation-play-state please12
56. navigator.hardwareConcurrency Chrome: Native support All other browsers that support Workers: few...12
57. rebeccapurple color 12
58. Emoji display support11
59. SVG stroke-alignment attribute11
60. css/svg property dominant-baseline11
61. What about showing support for various link attributes, like "subresource" or "dns-pr...11
62. line-height support and the differences in rendering between webkit&trident and other engines.10
63. Quota Management API 10
64. Please add support tables for x-xss-protection security header. Thanks!10
65. geo: url support - 10
66. Add support for CSS Display Module Level 310
67. XSLT Support table10
68. Conical gradients10
69. window.onerror - / - particularly mobile browser support10
70. I suggest adding information about support for alternate HTTP methods such as PUT and PATCH.10
71. accesskey attribute on non-focusable elements (should cause a click element to fire9
72. I couldn't find a compatibility table for animation-fill-mode. Currently needs browser prefixe...9
73. the withCredentials property in xhr = new XMLHttpRequest() is used to check for XMLHttpRequest suppo...9
74. device-cmyk css feature9
75. Keyboard events (keypress, keyup, keydown, textinput) - see here 9
76. Webkit-based browsers extend the MediaQuery W3C Standard with specific queries for animation, transi...9
77. Show support table with history as time-based, instead of versions-back-based. With Chrome and IE ve...9
78. CSS3 min() and max() functions as values for properties that accept <dimension> as a value.9
79. Check browser support for displaying MJPEG files. This is a motion JPEG file format that is supporte...9
80. Support for window.scrollX and window.scrollY9
81. CSS3 Speech Module Which browsers support it? See9
82. saveAs does not seem to be on the site (or else, I'm just incapable of finding it). It would be ...9
83. Why do white-space not appear to be in the list? :)9
84. Similar to MPEG-4 / WebM support page, you might want to add a page for MPEG-DASH support. See: A...9
85. list-style-type 8
86. WebExtensions (browser extensions)8
87. webM alpha transparency8
88. rel="noreferrer"8
89. I'd like to see border-corner-shape added. It would be a nice feature when implemented in browse...8
90. script tag onerror attribute8
91. Geofencing API8
92. Entries for href values including `tel:1234567` and `sms:1234567`8
93. Progressive JPEGs start to show on pages faster, from low quality and eventually getting their 100% ...7
94. The mouseenter and mouseleave events7
95. Add System Info API 7
96. clipboardData: text, rtf, html, image, etc.7
97. DataChannel WebRTC JS API7
98. Track document.registerElement I think a test just to see if it is defined would be sufficient. It...7
99. Based on this page I suggest to add addRule and insertRule Thanks7
100. I would like to know which browsers support the forceSpellCheck() method (7
101. For printing support for the size:landscape option to tell the browser what page orientation we want...7
102. Add browser support for text-decoration-skip [ - Not sure if any browsers support it yet, but someth...7
103. list-style-image7
104. column-span and other column-* proprieties of CSS3 Multi-column layout module7
105. blink tag7
106. SVG Foreign Object is a way to combine different XML namespaces elements into the SVG. 6
107. Add String.prototype.includes()6
108. Support for SVG's "shape-rendering" CSS property. 6
109. TCP Fast-Open. Now that Linux kernels enable this by default (and web servers likely won't be ...6
110. "GeometryUtils" - part of the CSSOM. Provides much better position information than existi...6
111. html5 canvas.toblob6
112. The "auto" value for the dir attribute, added in HTML5 to ease inserting text of unknown d...6
114. Which browsers support colgroup completely?6
115. Show results for Firefox ESR (currently 17.07).6
116. Object.assign6
117. CSS <angle> - particularly the "turn" unit6
118. Bitmap images inside SVG files. Some browsers that support SVG, will not show embedded bitmap image...6
119. More details on File Blobs6
120. CSS image() functional notation (e.g. for background-images etc). See 6
121. Dialogs implemented using separate documents window.showModalDialog() 6
122. The 'media' attribute from the source element for HTML5's audio and video elements. Thi...6
123. break-inside for columns.6
124. Add browser support for toggle()6
125. Support for list-style-type6
126. Javascript: Array.prototype.fill() 6
127. Browser support for RTP streams?6
128. quic support or compatibility?6
129. document.elementsFromPoint6
130. draggable option6
131. ECMAScript 6 collection: Set 5
132. Embedded color profiles in JPEG images.5
133. "border-corner-shape" 5
134. playbackRate in video5
135. Please add "imageSmoothingEnabled". Chrome supports it unprefixed. IE11, Firefox, and Saf...5
136. MediaStream Recording (5
137. getElementsByName5
138. HttpOnly flag for cookies, what browsers support? it would be nice to have that in the 5
139. "click" function on anchor DOM element (a)5
140. WeakMap API 5
141. <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />5
142. Add support for CSS's @import5
143. CSS @apply Rule5
144. HTML5 canvas.captureStream()5
145. background-repeat: space5
146. Scheme-less URIs, aka the relative URIs. See5
147. CSS3 module "Generated Content for Paged Media" and especially the target-counter function5
148. Streams API5
149. Load event support on link nodes to show when a stylesheet is finished loading. See for a discussio...5
150. webcl?5
151. designMode5
152. HTML5 Events Like onoffline, onpopstate, etc.5
153. Textarea wrap attribute (off, soft, hard, virtual, physical)5
154. empty-cells (5
155. registerContentHandler(), registerProtocolHandler(), and friends5
156. user-input 4
157. Luminosity media query 4
159. Messaging API (SMS) 4
160. form input property "valueAsNumber"4
161. Add table-layout support, whether browers: - implement the 'fixed' layout properly, evenly ...4
162. Can I use "onmouseover", "onmouseout"?4
163. Why don't we add quotes property? 4
164. image-resolution. I've seen this as a good alternative for retina images as opposed to backgro...4
165. Add more CSS3 media query sub-types: e.g. 'orientation' and 'aspect-ratio'4
166. Add ES6 Generators4
167. Built-in PDF viewer support4
168. .style.setAttribute() Does every browser support it? Sometimes it's hard to know it it's not...4
169. lastModified HTML5 DOM property4
170. EventArgs.buttons is new for mouse events (
171. Flag storage that is not available under private mode4
172. Can I use ECDSA certificates?4
173. DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)4
174. image-rect isn't supported by anybody but Mozilla as far as I can tell, but I'd love it to b...4
175. windows phone HTML5/svg support.4
176. track element and TextTrack object4
177. Add ProgressEvent4
178. svg transform matrix4
179. track arraybuffer support for binary websockets4
180. Touch Icons, per 4
181. extend-to-zoom4
182. @host This CSS @-rule applies to the surrounding element of a template. See 4
183. font-weight: (CSS3) Which browsers support numeric weights (200, 300) as opposed to simply "bol...4
184. Add stale-while-revalidate HTTP header support indication4
185. window.Touch support for browsers: - returns the Touch object constructor on touch events supporting...4
186. '' should have small-caps (and other font variants?) broken out as a separate fea...4
187. Add WebDriver4
188. Web intents/Web Activities 4
189. Please add :autofill to the DB4
190. CSS Shaders - 4
191. Support for XPath 2.0 (interesting for a lot of new functions, like base-uri(), matches() etc.)4
192. target-new4
193. rel="next"4
194. Input type=email with "multiple" attribute3
195. Include document.scrollingElement3
196. Please add a support table for the CanvasRenderingContext2D.filter property that firefox supports.3
197. Add TLS v1.33
198. UI Events builds on DOM Event Level 3, it is specified here3
199. Support SVG width/height = auto3
200. font-variant-numeric3
201. vector-effect3
202. Add Array.prototype.includes3
203. Add: the 'isolation' CSS property3
204. svg @preserveaspectratio3
205. I suggest you to put browser acceptance of the javascript property clientHeight3
206. Add `navigator.doNotTrack` and DNT support tables3
207. column-break-after atm only via: -webkit-column-break-after3
208. Add support for FlyWeb API3
209. target-new3
210. Add current browser support for HTML5 tag "hgroup" (3
211. CSS "visibility" (hidden/visible/etc)3
212. Add browser support info for the HTTP Cache-Control header "immutable" flag3
213. X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff3
214. Missing font-synthesis CSS 3 property3
215. Add supported elliptical curves (HTTPS/TLS)3
216. Would like to see support for XMLSerializer object and document.implementation.createDocument and eq...3
217. Add navigator.mediaDevices3
218. SVG-in-OT fonts3
219. css3 border-color3
220. The hanging-punctuation property: Currently unsupported by any browser, but it would be nice to ...3
221. @document, as described in & 3
222. file input type supported browser3
223. Add other values of `user-select` property2
224. Add h.265 (hevc) support2
225. CSS.escape()2
226. Add in Range.createContextualFragment2
227. Wake Lock API2
228. Support for Multiline Strings2
229. Add save-data client hint2
230. Variable Open Type Fonts2
231. XMLHTTPRequest (1)2
232. history.scrollRestoration2
233. Browser support for Focus Management function2
234. Individual transform properties2
235. Implmenet CSS3 caret-color property2
236. New feature request: OCSP must-staple2
237. location.origin2
238. Input type=range with "multiple" attribute2
239. ex unit2
240. Scroll anchoring2
241. Add :any-link pseudo-class2
242. autocorrect for input fileds2
243. Add color-mod() | color() function - CSS Color Module Level 42
244. Add ES7/2016 SIMD2
245. system-ui value for font-family2
246. Entries API2
247. `content: leader('.');`2
248. The !important css thing. It's very !important ;).2
250. Add KeyboardEvent.repeat compatibility info2
251. CSS Paint API2
252. Network Service Discovery2
253. Hyphenation Options2
254. Web Authentication (webauthn)2
255. SVG viewport-fill-opacity property support2
256. strong2
257. text-security missing in list of features2
258. Include the new image format: FLIF2
259. browserconfig.xml support info2
260. Add suport for MediaDevices.enumerateDevices()2
261. Secure Cookie flag2
262. Add the "frame" HTML tag : some browsers don't support it !2
263. Support for 'debugger;' in dev tools2
264. Offscreen Canvas2
265. Animating SVG paths using CSS2
266. HTTP Strict Transport Security Preload2
267. MouseEvent2
268. Web NFC API2
269. Feature request: Token Binding Protocol2
270. Multicolor Glyph support2
271. CSS Property caption-side is missing?2
272. UTF-8 Dingbats2
273. Add support for control.labels 1
274. What is the support on clear: both?1
275. create @Media Types1
276. orientationchange Event1
277. Add removeAttribute support1
278. Suggestion for Which browsers.versions support multiple tbody elements in a single table?1
279. The `autocapitalize` attribute of <input>s1
280. getShaderPrecisionFormat1
281. Add support information for the translate attribute1
282. Previous Element Selector1
283. NodeList/HTMLCollection1
284. Request: nav-up, nav-down, nav-left, nav-right css3 properties1
285. image tag1
286. HTML oninvalid Event Attribute1
287. HTML5 data blocks1
288. Split background-size from CSS3 Background-image options1
289. embed tag 1
290. Support for line-break1
291. WebGL extensions1
292. Cache-Control 1
293. Vast & VMAP1
294. string-set1
295. window.scroll1
296. CaretPosition missing1
297. Internationalized Domain Name1
298. Suggestion: Int64 UInt64 (Firefox only AFAIK)1
299. attachEvent event handler missing from CanIUse1
300. WindowTimers.setInterval()1
301. video/audio events like loadedemetadata1
302. Add PerformanceObserver1
303. Add visibility: collapse1
304. Add box-suppress1
305. Canvas context getTransform() function.1
306. Magnetometer support1
307. InputDeviceCapabilities API1
308. <video> `playsinline` attribute1
309. Javascript Built-In MAP1
310. Add -webkit-touch-callout?1
311. Add background-clip: text1
312. Support setCapture and releaseCapture for mouse1
313. document.importNode1
314. Accelerometer sensor1
315. Gyroscope sensor1
316. New filesystem api?1
317. column combination1
318. Add createImageBitmap1
319. Add float: footnote to CSS31
320. Add HTTP_ORIGIN feature1
321. audio / video autoplay attribute and play function1
322. audio / video .canPlayType(MIMEtype)1
323. Add print-color-adjust1
324. display: run-in1
325. console.assert(boolean_expression)1
326. JavaScript: Tail Call Support information missing1
327. @document CSS 1
328. Consider adding unhandledrejection/rejectionhandled1
329. Add ALPN and NPN notes to HTTP21
330. The <slot> element1
331. DeviceOrientation and DeviceMotion events on insecure origins1
332. Javascript - window.onorientationchange 1
333. toLocaleString('pt-BR',{style: 'currency', currency:'BRL'})1
334. Add HTTP 307 & 308 redirects1
335. ImageBitmap1
336. Add 'require-sri-for' CSP Directive1
337. Add Background Sync1
338. Slash-separated color functions1
339. Support Tables for Gesture Events1
340. Add :host/:host-context pseudo class1
341. document type1
342. Add CSS viewport-percentage length units 'vi' and 'vb'1
343. Add Range.getBoundingClientRect browser support table1
344. Add referrerpolicy attribute1
345. Add support for mediacapture-output API's sinkID1
346. Add `q` (quarter-millimeters) length unit1
347. Why is there no event constructors?1
348. Inert property for objects that should currently not be focused1
349. Number.prototype.toLocaleString() has no data1
350. gesturestart, gesturechange, gestureend events for trackpads1
351. add WebMention1
352. Directional focus navigation: the nav-up, nav-right, nav-down, nav-left properties1
353. add mouse event positions event.offsetX and event.offsetY1
354. Shape Detection API: Face Detection, Barcode Detection, Text Detection1
355. SharedMemory/Atomics1
356. Object.values and Object.entries1
357. Support for nested calc expressions in CSS values1
358. Add "Named function expressions"1
359. Open search autodiscovery1
360. reflected-xss missing1
361. Add Cache Storage API / Cache API1
362. Alt-Svc header browser support info: consider adding1
363. Add mediaSession API 1
364. web share api1
365. Add beforeinput event1
366. feature: track ReadableStream1
367. New feature request: x25519 Key Exchange1
368. String.prototype.padStart1
369. Content-Security-Policy: script-nonce1
370. CSS4 - Specifying profiled colors: the color() function1
371. CSSKeyframesRule1
372. animateMotion for SVG1
373. Missing a check for msConvertURL() on DragEvent1
374. Can't find display:contents info1
375. Add font-variation-settings?1
376. Information about window.location.ancestorOrigins1
377. Add auxclick?1
378. Object.entries feature?1
379. CSS tag {content: url()}1
380. [CSS Level 4 pseudo-class] :user-error1
381. Cannot see |ImageCapture| entry in the web interface.1
382. Cookies: max-age1
383. Please add iFrame element contentWindow property1
384. KeyboardEvent.isComposing1
385. CSS 3 property: text-autospace and text-spacing1
386. SHA2 certificates1
387. apple-touch-icon1
388. Add 'animated GIF as favicon'?1
389. Add support for the WebUSB API1
390. Encoding API compatibility table1
391. Add ECC certificates1
392. ResizeObserver1
393. Please add String.prototype.normalize()1
394. Please track the various HTTP Set-Cookie options supported by browsers1
395. What about Standby API?1
396. Add hreflang attribute usage support for link element1
397. Support for window.innerHeight, window.innerWidth, window.outerHeight, window.outerWidth1
398. Add nextElementSibling1
399. event.path1
400. CSS Box Alignment Module Level 31
401. Node.isSameNode() and Node.isEqualNode() isn't listed on caniuse1
402. Add support stats for String.prototype.repeat()1
403. Add data for link rel="alternate"1
404. Trailing commas1
405. SVG viewport-fill property support1
406. window.localMediaStream is not listed1
407. allowtransparency1
408. Add event currentTarget property1
409. x-webkit-speech1
410. Range.surroundContents()1
411. Screen.availLeft1
412. Add CSS text-combine-upright property 1
413. Add window.frameElement to CanIUse1
414. support for Performance-Timeline & High-Resolution-Time1
415. getClientRects1
416. Add info about css user-modify and -webkit-user-modify:read-write-plaintext-only 1
417. valueAsDate usage1
418. NetworkInformation.downlinkMax1
419. Add compositionstart/end/update event1
420. show support for namespacing; for example <svg: namespace 1
421. ie behavior1
422. Function.length / Function.prototype.length1
423. RFC7692 Compression Extensions for WebSocket1
424. The xml:space attribute1
425. Can I use selectedOptions ?1
426. Add data for imageSmoothingEnabled Property (Canvas-related)1
427. html5 image attribute usemap1
428. filename*=UTF-8''...1
429. Add
430. window.addListener()1
431. Track WritableStream, ReadableStream.prototype.pipeTo, TransformStream, ReadableStreamByobReader1
432. CSS Inline Layout1
433. SVG 1.21
434. Firefox cursor:grab & cursor:grabbing1
435. window.location.replace1
436. Support of sms: and mms: in mobile browsers is not clear1
437. Add css pseudo-classes :read-only and :read-write browsers support1
438. wakeLock1
439. Please add XMLHttpRequest.responseURL1
440. background-composite1
441. add support for Array.prototype.find.1
442. Add WebKit Tap Highlight Color (-webkit-tap-highlight-color)?1
443. Add windows-theme media query selector1
444. add onstorage1
445. support for "offsetParent"?1
446. Add CSS3 feature `text-orientation`1
447. IETF RFCs1
448. HTMLImageElement.complete1
449. Add web assembly/wasm1
450. longdesc attribute support1
451. add "HTTP status code headers"1
452. Add the (view-mode) media feature1
453. MediaCapture Screen Share1
454. -ms-overflow-style1
455. window.event1
456. Add a footnote regarding HTMLAudioElement1
457. Add autocorrect, autocapitalize, autocomplete attributes1
458. findIndex Array method doesn't added to DB1
459. Can not search hasAttribute1
460. onerror event on iframe1
461. &euro; and other html codes1
462. HTTP2 Server Push1
463. Object.hasOwnProperty1
464. Support info for the <track> element1
465. Geolocation on non-secure sites1
466. Please add Progressive web app manifest.1
467. Audio Output Devices API: wd1
468. Add media feature display-mode1
469. oncontextmenu1
470. ew-resize1
471. ActiveX1
472. HTTP Trailers1
473. Drag and Drop API - move constraints1
474. Drag and Drop API - ghost image with customizable opacity1
475. Can I use Reporting API1
476. Can I use X3D?1
477. Add <script type="module"> and module workers1
478. Please add information about ImageData constructor1
479. Indicate which browsers use the HTML5 Parsing algorithm.1
480. stopImmediatePropagation,stopPropagation1
481. Add support table for CSP 3.0 compliance1
482. Add ES6 Spread operator1
483. Edge and IE don't support IndexedDB in web workers1
484. createImageBitmap1
485. Please add support for getTimezoneOffset()1
486. Link headers1
487. allowfullscreen attribute for iframes1
488. Geometry Interfaces Module Level 11
489. Support for the frame-ancestors directive1
490. Add CSS4 Grid structural selectors1
491. Basic Authentication: AuthName directive1
492. request support for 'accept-charset'1
493. add CSS Extensions meant for renaming1
494. navigator.connection1
495. Adding Silverlight usage stats1
496. image urls with GET data1
497. HTMLElement.offsetTop1
498. Which browsers adhere to ETag?1
499. Add `multipart/x-mixed-replace`1
500. Add `onunload` event1
501. marquee0
502. window.scrollTo0
503. HTML5 constraint validation API - setCustomValidity0
504. Add method0
505. HTML DOM selectedIndex attribute (drop-down list)0
506. Add Object.getNotifier(obj)0
507. window.screen0
508. window.frames list0
509. Add: window.locationbar window.menubar window.personalbar window.statusbar window.toolbar0
510. documentMode0
511. input type password not included-2