1. Full Screen API

    API for allowing content (like a video or canvas element) to take up the entire screen.

  2. document api: exitfullscreen

  3. document api: exitfullscreen: returns a `promise`

  4. document api: fullscreen

  5. document api: `fullscreenchange` event

  6. document api: fullscreenelement

  7. document api: fullscreenenabled

  8. document api: `fullscreenerror` event

  9. document api: onfullscreenchange

  10. document api: onfullscreenerror

  11. element api: `fullscreenchange` event

  12. element api: `fullscreenerror` event

  13. element api: onfullscreenchange

  14. element api: onfullscreenerror

  15. element api: requestfullscreen

  16. element api: requestfullscreen: `options.navigationui` parameter

  17. element api: requestfullscreen: returns a `promise`

  18. htmliframeelement api: allowfullscreen

  19. shadowroot api: fullscreenelement

  20. window api: fullscreen