1. Referrer Policy

    A policy that controls how much information is shared through the HTTP referrer header. Helps to protect user privacy.

  2. fetch api: `init.referrerpolicy` parameter

  3. htmlanchorelement api: referrerpolicy

  4. htmlareaelement api: referrerpolicy

  5. htmliframeelement api: referrerpolicy

  6. htmlimageelement api: referrerpolicy

  7. htmllinkelement api: referrerpolicy

  8. htmlscriptelement api: referrerpolicy

  9. request api: referrerpolicy

  10. securitypolicyviolationevent api: referrer

  11. svgaelement api: referrerpolicy

  12. html element: area: referrerpolicy

  13. html element: a: referrerpolicy

  14. html element: iframe: referrerpolicy

  15. html element: img: referrerpolicy

  16. html element: link: referrerpolicy

  17. html element: script: referrerpolicy

  18. headers http header: content-security-policy: referrer

  19. headers http header: referrer-policy: default policy is `strict-origin-when-cross-origin`

  20. headers http header: referrer-policy: same-origin

  21. headers http header: referrer-policy: strict-origin

  22. headers http header: referrer-policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin

  23. svg element: a: referrerpolicy