1. CSS image-set

    Method of letting the browser pick the most appropriate CSS image from a given set.

  2. CSS font-feature-settings

    Method of applying advanced typographic and language-specific font features to supported OpenType fonts.

  3. Efficient Script Yielding: setImmediate()

    Yields control flow without the minimum delays enforced by setTimeout

  4. Srcset and sizes attributes

    The `srcset` and `sizes` attributes on `img` (or `source`) elements allow authors to define various image resources and "hints" that assist a user agent to determine the most appropriate image source to display (e.g. high-resolution displays, small monitors, etc).

  5. audioparam api: settargetattime

  6. audioparam api: setvalueattime

  7. dommatrix api: setmatrixvalue

  8. element api: setattribute

  9. element api: setattributenode

  10. element api: setattributenodens

  11. element api: setattributens

  12. element api: setcapture

  13. element api: sethtml

  14. element api: setpointercapture

  15. formdata api: set

  16. headers api: set

  17. mediakeys api: setservercertificate

  18. navigator api: setappbadge

  19. pannernode api: setorientation

  20. pannernode api: setposition

  21. range api: setend

  22. range api: setendafter

  23. range api: setendbefore

  24. range api: setstart

  25. range api: setstartafter

  26. range api: setstartbefore

  27. selection api: setbaseandextent

  28. serialport api: setsignals

  29. setinterval api

  30. setinterval api: supports parameters for callback

  31. setinterval api: available in workers

  32. settimeout api

  33. settimeout api: supports parameters for callback

  34. settimeout api: available in workers

  35. storage api: setitem

  36. window api: setimmediate

  37. window api: setresizable

  38. headers http header: set-cookie

  39. headers http header: set-cookie: cookie prefixes

  40. headers http header: set-cookie: `httponly`

  41. headers http header: set-cookie: `max-age`

  42. headers http header: set-cookie: `partitioned`

  43. headers http header: set-cookie: `samesite`: `samesite=lax`

  44. headers http header: set-cookie: `samesite`: defaults to `lax`

  45. headers http header: set-cookie: `samesite`: `samesite=none`

  46. headers http header: set-cookie: `samesite`: url scheme-aware ("schemeful")

  47. headers http header: set-cookie: `samesite`: secure context required

  48. headers http header: set-cookie: `samesite`: `samesite=strict`

  49. svg element: set

  50. svg element: set: to