1. CSS clip-path property (for HTML)

    Method of defining the visible region of an HTML element using SVG or a shape definition.

  2. CSS Motion Path

    Allows elements to be animated along SVG paths or shapes via the `offset-path` property. Originally defined as the `motion-path` property.

  3. CSS Shapes Level 1

    Allows geometric shapes to be set in CSS to define an area for text to flow around. Includes properties `shape-outside`, `shape-margin` and `shape-image-threshold`

  4. SVG fonts

    Method of using fonts defined as SVG shapes. Removed from [SVG 2.0](https://www.w3.org/TR/SVG2/changes.html#fonts) and considered as a deprecated feature with support being removed from browsers.

  5. baseaudiocontext api: createwaveshaper

  6. htmlanchorelement api: shape

  7. htmlareaelement api: shape

  8. waveshapernode api

  9. waveshapernode api: curve

  10. waveshapernode api: oversample

  11. waveshapernode api: `waveshapernode()` constructor

  12. css property: clip-path: `<basic-shape>`

  13. css property: shape-image-threshold

  14. css property: shape-image-threshold: support for percentage opacity values

  15. css property: shape-margin

  16. css property: shape-outside

  17. css property: shape-outside: `circle()`

  18. css property: shape-outside: `<gradient>`

  19. css property: shape-outside: `<image>`

  20. css property: shape-outside: `inset()`

  21. css property: shape-outside: `polygon()`

  22. types: `<basic-shape>`

  23. types: `<basic-shape>`: animation

  24. types: `<basic-shape>`: `circle()`

  25. types: `<basic-shape>`: `ellipse()`

  26. types: `<basic-shape>`: `inset()`

  27. types: `<basic-shape>`: `path()`

  28. types: `<basic-shape>`: `polygon()`

  29. types: `<shape>`

  30. types: `<shape>`: `rect()`

  31. html element: area: shape

  32. html element: a: shape