1. Email, telephone & URL input types

    Text input fields intended for email addresses, telephone numbers or URLs. Particularly useful in combination with [form validation](https://caniuse.com/#feat=form-validation)

  2. Custom protocol handling

    Method of allowing a webpage to handle a given protocol using `navigator.registerProtocolHandler`. This allows certain URLs to be opened by a given web application, for example `mailto:` addresses can be opened by a webmail client.

  3. Large, Small, and Dynamic viewport units

    Viewport units similar to `vw` and `vh` that are based on shown or hidden browser UI states to address shortcomings of the original units. Currently defined as the `lvh`, `lvw`, `svh`, `svw`, `dvh`, `dvw` units.

  4. contactaddress api

  5. contactaddress api: addressline

  6. contactaddress api: city

  7. contactaddress api: country

  8. contactaddress api: dependentlocality

  9. contactaddress api: organization

  10. contactaddress api: phone

  11. contactaddress api: postalcode

  12. contactaddress api: recipient

  13. contactaddress api: region

  14. contactaddress api: sortingcode

  15. contactaddress api: tojson

  16. paymentaddress api

  17. paymentaddress api: addressline

  18. paymentaddress api: city

  19. paymentaddress api: country

  20. paymentaddress api: dependentlocality

  21. paymentaddress api: organization

  22. paymentaddress api: phone

  23. paymentaddress api: postalcode

  24. paymentaddress api: recipient

  25. paymentaddress api: region

  26. paymentaddress api: sortingcode

  27. paymentaddress api: `tojson()`

  28. paymentrequest api: shippingaddress

  29. paymentrequest api: `shippingaddresschange` event

  30. paymentresponse api: shippingaddress

  31. rtcicecandidatestats api: address

  32. rtcicecandidate api: address

  33. rtcicecandidate api: relatedaddress

  34. rtcpeerconnectioniceerrorevent api: address

  35. html element: address