1. Animated PNG (APNG)

    Like animated GIFs, but allowing 24-bit colors and alpha transparency

  2. Web Animations API

    Lets you create animations that are run in the browser, as well as inspect and manipulate animations created through declarative means like CSS.

  3. element api: animate

  4. element api: animate: implicit to/from keyframes are supported

  5. element api: animate: `options.composite` parameter

  6. element api: animate: `options.id` parameter

  7. element api: animate: `options.iterationcomposite` parameter

  8. element api: animate: `options.pseudoelement` parameter

  9. element api: animate: `options.rangeend` parameter

  10. element api: animate: `options.rangestart` parameter

  11. element api: animate: `options.timeline` parameter

  12. imagetrack api: animated

  13. svganimatecolorelement api

  14. svganimatedangle api

  15. svganimatedboolean api

  16. svganimatedenumeration api

  17. svganimatedinteger api

  18. svganimatedlength api

  19. svganimatedlengthlist api

  20. svganimatednumber api

  21. svganimatednumberlist api

  22. svganimatedrect api

  23. svganimatedrect api: animval

  24. svganimatedrect api: baseval

  25. svganimatedstring api

  26. svganimatedtransformlist api

  27. svganimateelement api

  28. svganimatemotionelement api

  29. svgpolygonelement api: animatedpoints

  30. svgpolylineelement api: animatedpoints

  31. css property: flex-grow: <0 animate

  32. css property: transition: gradients can be animated

  33. svg element: animate

  34. svg element: animatemotion

  35. svg element: animatemotion: calcmode

  36. svg element: animatemotion: keypoints

  37. svg element: animatemotion: origin

  38. svg element: animatemotion: path

  39. svg element: animatemotion: rotate

  40. svg element: animatetransform

  41. svg element: animatetransform: by

  42. svg element: animatetransform: from

  43. svg element: animatetransform: to

  44. svg element: animatetransform: type

  45. svg element: animate: attributename

  46. svg element: animate: attributetype

  47. svg element: animate: dur

  48. svg element: animate: from

  49. svg element: animate: repeatcount

  50. svg element: animate: to