1. CSS Animation

    Complex method of animating certain properties of an element

  2. CSS @scroll-timeline

    CSS property that allows animations to be driven by a container's scroll position

  3. Web Animations API

    Lets you create animations that are run in the browser, as well as inspect and manipulate animations created through declarative means like CSS.

  4. CSS will-change property

    Method of optimizing animations by informing the browser which elements will change and what properties will change.

  5. animation api: browsers automatically remove indefinite filling animations

  6. document api: getanimations

  7. element api: `animationstart` event

  8. element api: getanimations

  9. shadowroot api: getanimations

  10. svgsvgelement api: animationspaused

  11. svgsvgelement api: pauseanimations

  12. svgsvgelement api: unpauseanimations