1. AAC audio file format

    Advanced Audio Coding format, designed to be the successor format to MP3, with generally better sound quality.

  2. FLAC audio format

    Popular lossless audio compression format

  3. MP3 audio format

    Popular lossy audio compression format

  4. Ogg Vorbis audio format

    Vorbis is a free and open source audio format, most commonly used with the Ogg container.

  5. Opus audio format

    Royalty-free open audio codec by IETF, which incorporated SILK from Skype and CELT from Xiph.org, to serve higher sound quality and lower latency at the same bitrate.

  6. Wav audio format

    Waveform Audio File Format, aka WAV or WAVE, a typically uncompressed audio format.

  7. audiodata api: format