1. Session history management

    Method of manipulating the user's browser's session history in JavaScript using `history.pushState`, `history.replaceState` and the `popstate` event.

  2. PageTransitionEvent

    Fired at the Window when the page's entry in the session history stops being the current entry. Includes the `pageshow` and `pagehide` events.

  3. history api

  4. history api: back

  5. history api: forward

  6. history api: go

  7. history api: length

  8. history api: pushstate

  9. history api: pushstate: whether the `title` parameter is used

  10. history api: replacestate

  11. history api: replacestate: whether the `title` parameter is used

  12. history api: scrollrestoration

  13. history api: state

  14. request api: ishistorynavigation

  15. window api: history