1. CSS ::marker pseudo-element

    The `::marker` pseudo-element allows list item markers to be styled or have their content value customized.

  2. CSS font-variant-numeric

    CSS property that provides different ways of displaying numbers, fractions, and ordinal markers.

  3. HTML5 semantic elements

    HTML5 offers some new elements, primarily for semantic purposes. The elements include: `section`, `article`, `aside`, `header`, `footer`, `nav`, `figure`, `figcaption`, `time`, `mark` & `main`.

  4. HTML templates

    Method of declaring a portion of reusable markup that is parsed but not rendered until cloned.

  5. text-emphasis styling

    Method of using small symbols next to each glyph to emphasize a run of text, commonly used in East Asian languages. The `text-emphasis` shorthand, and its `text-emphasis-style` and `text-emphasis-color` longhands, can be used to apply marks to the text. The `text-emphasis-position` property, which inherits separately, allows setting the emphasis marks' position with respect to the text.

  6. User Timing API

    Method to help web developers measure the performance of their applications by giving them access to high precision timestamps.

  7. WebVTT - Web Video Text Tracks

    Format for marking up text captions for multimedia resources.

  8. bytelengthqueuingstrategy api: highwatermark

  9. countqueuingstrategy api: highwatermark

  10. performancemark api

  11. performancemark api: detail

  12. performancemark api: `performancemark()` constructor

  13. performance api: clearmarks

  14. performance api: mark

  15. performance api: mark: `markoptions` parameter

  16. performance api: mark: returns `performancemark`

  17. speechsynthesisutterance api: `mark` event

  18. svgmarkerelement api

  19. svgmarkerelement api: markerheight

  20. svgmarkerelement api: markerunits

  21. svgmarkerelement api: markerwidth

  22. svgmarkerelement api: orient

  23. svgmarkerelement api: orientangle

  24. svgmarkerelement api: orienttype

  25. svgmarkerelement api: preserveaspectratio

  26. svgmarkerelement api: refx

  27. svgmarkerelement api: refy

  28. svgmarkerelement api: setorienttoangle

  29. svgmarkerelement api: setorienttoauto

  30. svgmarkerelement api: viewbox

  31. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: incominghighwatermark

  32. webtransportdatagramduplexstream api: outgoinghighwatermark

  33. css selector: `::-webkit-details-marker`

  34. css selector: `::marker`: animation and transition support

  35. html element: input: `type="range"`: tick mark support

  36. html element: mark

  37. svg element: marker

  38. svg element: marker: markerheight

  39. svg element: marker: markerunits

  40. svg element: marker: markerwidth

  41. svg element: marker: orient

  42. svg element: marker: refx

  43. svg element: marker: refy

  44. svg element: marker: viewbox