1. CSS ::marker pseudo-element

    The `::marker` pseudo-element allows list item markers to be styled or have their content value customized.

  2. HTML5 semantic elements

    HTML5 offers some new elements, primarily for semantic purposes. The elements include: `section`, `article`, `aside`, `header`, `footer`, `nav`, `figure`, `figcaption`, `time`, `mark` & `main`.

  3. User Timing API

    Method to help web developers measure the performance of their applications by giving them access to high precision timestamps.

  4. bytelengthqueuingstrategy api: highwatermark

  5. countqueuingstrategy api: highwatermark

  6. gpucommandencoder api: insertdebugmarker

  7. gpucomputepassencoder api: insertdebugmarker

  8. gpurenderbundleencoder api: insertdebugmarker

  9. gpurenderpassencoder api: insertdebugmarker

  10. htmlbaseelement api: href: tab, newline, and < are not allowed (dangling markup prevention)

  11. performancemark api

  12. performancemark api: detail

  13. performancemark api: `performancemark()` constructor

  14. performance api: clearmarks

  15. performance api: mark

  16. performance api: mark: `markoptions` parameter

  17. performance api: mark: returns `performancemark`

  18. speechsynthesisutterance api: `mark` event

  19. svgmarkerelement api

  20. svgmarkerelement api: markerheight

  21. svgmarkerelement api: markerunits

  22. svgmarkerelement api: markerwidth

  23. svgmarkerelement api: orient

  24. svgmarkerelement api: orientangle

  25. svgmarkerelement api: orienttype

  26. svgmarkerelement api: preserveaspectratio

  27. svgmarkerelement api: refx

  28. svgmarkerelement api: refy

  29. svgmarkerelement api: setorienttoangle

  30. svgmarkerelement api: setorienttoauto

  31. svgmarkerelement api: viewbox

  32. css property: marker

  33. css property: marker-end

  34. css property: marker-mid

  35. css property: marker-start

  36. css selector: `::marker`: animation and transition support

  37. types: `<color>`: system colors: mark, marktext, buttonborder

  38. html element: input: `type="range"`: tick mark support

  39. html element: mark

  40. svg element: marker

  41. svg element: marker: markerheight

  42. svg element: marker: markerunits

  43. svg element: marker: markerwidth

  44. svg element: marker: orient

  45. svg element: marker: refx

  46. svg element: marker: refy

  47. svg element: marker: viewbox

  48. global_attributes: marker-end

  49. global_attributes: marker-mid

  50. global_attributes: marker-start