1. Passkeys

    Passkeys, also known as Multi-device FIDO Credentials, provide users with an alternative to passwords that is much easier to use and far more secure.

  2. Web Authentication API

    The Web Authentication API is an extension of the Credential Management API that enables strong authentication with public key cryptography, enabling password-less authentication and / or secure second-factor authentication without SMS texts.

  3. htmlanchorelement api: password

  4. htmlareaelement api: password

  5. passwordcredential api

  6. passwordcredential api: iconurl

  7. passwordcredential api: name

  8. passwordcredential api: password

  9. passwordcredential api: `passwordcredential()` constructor

  10. urlpattern api: password

  11. url api: password

  12. html element: form: autocomplete: `new-password` value

  13. html element: input: `type="password"`

  14. html element: input: `type="password"`: special handling of password inputs in insecure login pages

  15. html element: textarea: autocomplete: `new-password` value