1. Channel messaging

    Method for having two-way communication between browsing contexts (using MessageChannel)

  2. CSS Filter Effects

    Method of applying filter effects using the `filter` property to elements, matching filters available in SVG. Filter functions include blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, invert, opacity, sepia and saturate.

  3. ui-serif, ui-sans-serif, ui-monospace and ui-rounded values for font-family

    Allows more control when choosing system interface fonts

  4. disabled attribute of the fieldset element

    Allows disabling all of the form control descendants of a fieldset via a `disabled` attribute on the fieldset element itself.

  5. sandbox attribute for iframes

    Method of running external site pages with reduced privileges (e.g. no JavaScript) in iframes.

  6. 'SameSite' cookie attribute

    Same-site cookies ("First-Party-Only" or "First-Party") allow servers to mitigate the risk of CSRF and information leakage attacks by asserting that a particular cookie should only be sent with requests initiated from the same registrable domain.

  7. Cross-document messaging

    Method of sending information from a page on one domain to a page on a different one (using postMessage)

  8. audiobuffer api: samplerate

  9. audiodata api: samplerate

  10. audioworkletglobalscope api: samplerate

  11. baseaudiocontext api: samplerate

  12. canvasrenderingcontext2d api: save

  13. cspviolationreportbody api: sample

  14. gputexture api: samplecount

  15. htmliframeelement api: sandbox

  16. mediatrackconstraints api: samplerate

  17. mediatrackconstraints api: samplesize

  18. mediatracksettings api: samplerate

  19. mediatracksettings api: samplesize

  20. mediatracksupportedconstraints api: samplerate

  21. mediatracksupportedconstraints api: samplesize

  22. navigationdestination api: samedocument

  23. navigationhistoryentry api: samedocument

  24. networkinformation api: savedata

  25. offscreencanvasrenderingcontext2d api: save

  26. paintrenderingcontext2d api: save

  27. profiler api: sampleinterval

  28. sanitizer api

  29. sanitizer api: getconfiguration

  30. sanitizer api: `getdefaultconfiguration()` static method

  31. sanitizer api: sanitize

  32. sanitizer api: `sanitizer()` constructor

  33. securitypolicyviolationevent api: sample

  34. webgl2renderingcontext api: samplecoverage

  35. webgl2renderingcontext api: samplerparameterf

  36. webgl2renderingcontext api: samplerparameteri

  37. webglrenderingcontext api: samplecoverage

  38. html element: iframe: sandbox

  39. html element: iframe: sandbox: `sandbox="allow-forms"`

  40. html element: iframe: sandbox: `sandbox="allow-modals"`

  41. html element: iframe: sandbox: `sandbox="allow-popups"`

  42. html element: samp

  43. headers http header: content-security-policy: sandbox

  44. headers http header: referrer-policy: same-origin

  45. headers http header: save-data

  46. headers http header: `sec-ch-save-data` request header

  47. headers http header: x-frame-options: sameorigin

  48. safari

  49. safari on ios

  50. samsung internet browser