1. Proximity API

    Defines events that provide information about the distance between a device and an object, as measured by a proximity sensor.

  2. WebVR API

    API for accessing virtual reality (VR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays. Replaced by the [WebXR Device API](/webxr).

  3. WebXR Device API

    API for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays.

  4. absoluteorientationsensor api

  5. absoluteorientationsensor api: `absoluteorientationsensor()` constructor

  6. ambientlightsensor api: `ambientlightsensor()` constructor

  7. ambientlightsensor api: illuminance

  8. gravitysensor api: `gravitysensor()` constructor

  9. linearaccelerationsensor api

  10. linearaccelerationsensor api: `linearaccelerationsensor()` constructor

  11. orientationsensor api

  12. orientationsensor api: populatematrix

  13. orientationsensor api: quaternion

  14. permissions api: `ambient-light-sensor` permission

  15. positionsensorvrdevice api

  16. positionsensorvrdevice api: getimmediatestate

  17. positionsensorvrdevice api: getstate

  18. positionsensorvrdevice api: resetsensor

  19. relativeorientationsensor api

  20. relativeorientationsensor api: `relativeorientationsensor()` constructor

  21. sensor api

  22. sensorerrorevent api

  23. sensorerrorevent api: error

  24. sensorerrorevent api: `sensorerrorevent()` constructor

  25. sensor api: activated

  26. sensor api: `activate` event

  27. sensor api: `error` event

  28. sensor api: hasreading

  29. sensor api: `reading` event

  30. sensor api: start

  31. sensor api: stop

  32. sensor api: timestamp