1. CSS Container Queries (Size)

    Size queries in Container Queries provide a way to query the size of a container, and conditionally apply CSS to the content of that container.

  2. CSS resize property

    Method of allowing an element to be resized by the user, with options to limit to a given direction.

  3. CSS3 tab-size

    Method of customizing the width of the tab character. Only effective using 'white-space: pre', 'white-space: pre-wrap', and 'white-space: break-spaces'.

  4. Window.devicePixelRatio

    Read-only property that returns the ratio of the (vertical) size of one physical pixel on the current display device to the size of one CSS pixel.

  5. CSS font-size-adjust

    Method of adjusting the font size in a matter that relates to the height of lowercase vs. uppercase letters. This makes it easier to set the size of fallback fonts.

  6. Resize Observer

    Method for observing and reacting to changes to sizes of DOM elements.

  7. Srcset and sizes attributes

    The `srcset` and `sizes` attributes on `img` (or `source`) elements allow authors to define various image resources and "hints" that assist a user agent to determine the most appropriate image source to display (e.g. high-resolution displays, small monitors, etc).

  8. CSS text-size-adjust

    On mobile devices, the text-size-adjust CSS property allows Web authors to control if and how the text-inflating algorithm is applied to the textual content of the element it is applied to.

  9. audioparammap api: size

  10. blob api: size

  11. bytelengthqueuingstrategy api: size

  12. countqueuingstrategy api: size

  13. customstateset api: size

  14. eventcounts api: size

  15. fontfaceset api: size

  16. htmlfontelement api: size

  17. htmlhrelement api: size

  18. htmlimageelement api: sizes

  19. htmlinputelement api: size

  20. htmllinkelement api: sizes

  21. htmlselectelement api: size

  22. htmlsourceelement api: sizes

  23. keyboardlayoutmap api: size

  24. largestcontentfulpaint api: size

  25. mediakeystatusmap api: size

  26. metadata api: size

  27. midiinputmap api: size

  28. midioutputmap api: size

  29. rtcstatsreport api: size

  30. stylepropertymapreadonly api: size

  31. vrstageparameters api: sizex

  32. vrstageparameters api: sizey

  33. vttcue api: size

  34. webglactiveinfo api: size

  35. window api: sizetocontent

  36. xranchorset api: size

  37. css at-rule: `@font-face`: size-adjust

  38. css at-rule: `@page`: `size` descriptor

  39. css at-rule: `@page`: `size` descriptor: `jis-b4` page size

  40. css at-rule: `@page`: `size` descriptor: `jis-b5` page size

  41. css property: column-width: intrinsic sizes

  42. css property: tab-size: `<length>`

  43. html element: font: size

  44. html element: hr: size

  45. html element: img: sizes

  46. html element: link: sizes

  47. html element: select: size

  48. html element: source: sizes

  49. javascript built-in: map: size

  50. javascript built-in: set: size