1. calc() as CSS unit value

    Method of allowing calculated values for length units, i.e. `width: calc(100% - 3em)`

  2. Client Hints: DPR, Width, Viewport-Width

    DPR, Width, and Viewport-Width hints enable proactive content negotiation between client and server, enabling automated delivery of optimized assets - e.g. auto-negotiating image DPR resolution.

  3. Media Queries: Range Syntax

    Syntax improvements to make media queries using features that have a "range" type (like width or height) less verbose. Can be used with ordinary mathematical comparison operators: `>`, `<`, `>=`, or `<=`. For example: `@media (100px <= width <= 1900px)` is the equivalent of `@media (min-width: 100px) and (max-width: 1900px`)`

  4. naturalWidth & naturalHeight image properties

    Properties defining the intrinsic width and height of the image, rather than the displayed width & height.

  5. CSS min/max-width/height

    Method of setting a minimum or maximum width or height to an element.

  6. domrect api: width

  7. htmlhrelement api: width

  8. imagebitmap api: width

  9. imagedata api: width

  10. paintsize api: width

  11. pointerevent api: width

  12. screen api: width

  13. svgrect api: width

  14. svgsvgelement api: width

  15. textmetrics api: width

  16. vttregion api: width

  17. xrcamera api: width

  18. xrdepthinformation api: width

  19. xrquadlayer api: width

  20. xrviewport api: width

  21. css property: column-width: intrinsic sizes

  22. css property: max-width: `fit-content`

  23. css property: max-width: `fit-content()`

  24. css property: max-width: `max-content`

  25. css property: max-width: `min-content`

  26. css property: max-width: `stretch`

  27. css property: min-width: `auto`

  28. css property: min-width: `fit-content`

  29. css property: min-width: `fit-content()`

  30. css property: min-width: `max-content`

  31. css property: min-width: `min-content`

  32. css property: min-width: `stretch`

  33. css property: width

  34. css property: width: animatable

  35. css property: width: `fill`

  36. css property: width: `fit-content`

  37. css property: width: `fit-content()`

  38. css property: width: `max-content`

  39. css property: width: `min-content`

  40. css property: width: `stretch`

  41. html element: col: width

  42. html element: hr: width

  43. html element: img: width

  44. html element: pre: width

  45. html element: td: width

  46. html element: th: width

  47. svg element: mask: width

  48. svg element: rect: width

  49. svg element: svg: width

  50. svg element: use: width