1. DOMMatrix

    The `DOMMatrix` interface represents 4x4 matrices, suitable for 2D and 3D operations. Supersedes the `WebKitCSSMatrix` and `SVGMatrix` interfaces.

  2. JPEG XR image format

    JPEG XR was built to supersede the original JPEG format by having better compression and more features. [WebP](/webp), [AVIF](/avif) and [JPEG XL](/jpegxl) are all designed to supersede JPEG XR.

  3. WebVR API

    API for accessing virtual reality (VR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays. Replaced by the [WebXR Device API](/webxr).

  4. WebXR Device API

    API for accessing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays.

  5. webgl2renderingcontext api: makexrcompatible

  6. webglrenderingcontext api: makexrcompatible

  7. xrwebglbinding api

  8. xrwebglbinding api: createcubelayer

  9. xrwebglbinding api: createcylinderlayer

  10. xrwebglbinding api: createequirectlayer

  11. xrwebglbinding api: createprojectionlayer

  12. xrwebglbinding api: createquadlayer

  13. xrwebglbinding api: getcameraimage

  14. xrwebglbinding api: getdepthinformation

  15. xrwebglbinding api: getreflectioncubemap

  16. xrwebglbinding api: getsubimage

  17. xrwebglbinding api: getviewsubimage

  18. xrwebglbinding api: nativeprojectionscalefactor

  19. xrwebglbinding api: `xrwebglbinding()` constructor

  20. xrwebgldepthinformation api

  21. xrwebgldepthinformation api: texture

  22. xrwebgllayer api

  23. xrwebgllayer api: antialias

  24. xrwebgllayer api: fixedfoveation

  25. xrwebgllayer api: framebuffer

  26. xrwebgllayer api: framebufferheight

  27. xrwebgllayer api: framebufferwidth

  28. xrwebgllayer api: `getnativeframebufferscalefactor()` static method

  29. xrwebgllayer api: `getviewport()`

  30. xrwebgllayer api: ignoredepthvalues

  31. xrwebgllayer api: `xrwebgllayer()` constructor

  32. xrwebglsubimage api

  33. xrwebglsubimage api: colortexture

  34. xrwebglsubimage api: colortextureheight

  35. xrwebglsubimage api: colortexturewidth

  36. xrwebglsubimage api: depthstenciltexture

  37. xrwebglsubimage api: imageindex