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New browser support wiki: Feature support by browser version

I would like to announce a side-project on the site: The new browser support wiki. Its purpose is to gather information (from me, the community, and hopefully browser vendors themselves) on feature support by browser version. While a number of browser companies have this information on their sites, many still do not and this wiki could solve that problem.

Currently the wiki is in very early stages and contains little information. It is my hope that over time this will change and it becomes an easily searchable site for people to find out just what was added when, by browser rather than by feature.

So I invite everyone to sign up and help out in providing information. There's some basic guidelines available, as well as some initial pages set up, which hopefully will be enough for anyone to start adding content. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on talk pages, on twitter or just contact me directly.

Thanks for your help!