Caniuse News

New design at

After far too long a wait, I'm happy to report the new design for caniuse is up at This beautiful clean design is the work of Lennart Schoors, who created a prototype initially in September 2012. Unfortunately I was busy at the time refactoring most of the site's workings, so I chose to implement the new design after the refactor. Both turned out to be more time intensive than I was expecting, but I feel very happy with the result finally available now.

Initially it was also my intent to use the beta codebase as the main site before this, but considering the additional improvements made together with the redesign I figure it's best to leave the main site as is for now, give the new design a few weeks of feedback on the beta site, then make the full switch to the new design after that.

So in addition to the new design, changes from the previous beta site include:

- Default order of feature tables is now latest-added first, so you can easily see the latest data added to the site

- Much better mobile experience

- Return of the "Show all" button to quickly see all versions.

- Re-ordered/cleaned up settings

Bugs found can be filed on github.

Once again, a huge shout-out to Lennart at and his great design for caniuse!