Caniuse News

Android 2.1 added, minor updates

The Android 2.1 browser has now been added, which is largely like 2.2, missing but a few features. Additionally, Android 2.3 has been released, which does not see any browser changes from 2.2.

Because of this, I have clarified some version numbers to show the range of versions it refers to, whenever no actual change is made in regards to new features. So we now have Android 2.2-2.3, Opera 9.5-9.6 and Opera 10.0-10.1. This should reduce duplicate information and show which versions match each other.

One other important update is the disabling of Web Sockets by default in Firefox 4 and Opera 11. This is the result of a security issue found in the protocol used. Once a more secure version of the protocol has been released, support will re-enabled by default.