Caniuse News

Five new features added: Templates, JPEG-XR, Channel messaging, Opus & Pointer events

Things have been busy both in the background of the caniuse site development as well as on GitHub where over the past month or so contributors have added the following five(!) features:

HTML templates - Method of declaring a portion of reusable markup that is parsed but not rendered until cloned.

JPEG XR - The latest JPEG image format of Joint Photographic Experts Group which boasts better compression and supports lossless compression, alpha channel, and 48-bit deep color over normal jpg format.

Channel messaging - Method for having two-way communication between browsing contexts (using MessageChannel)

Opus audio - Royalty-free open audio codec by Mozilla, which incorporated SILK from Skype and CELT from, to serve higher sound quality and lower latency at the same bitrate.

Pointer Events - This specification integrates various inputs from mice, touchscreens, and pens, making separate implementations no longer necessary and authoring for cross-device pointers easier.

Thanks again to all the wonderful Caniuse GitHub contributors for your additions and updates! In the mean time I've been working heavily behind the scenes on making the site better and more useful to developers, stay tuned for more news on this front.