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Data contributions via GitHub

Over the past year or so, I have received a number of requests from people interested in helping to contribute to the feature support data on the website. Until now I didn't really have a organized way to do this, and was only accepting the occasional correction through emails and the feature feedback forms.
Now, contributions are possible through pull requests on the feature data at GitHub. This should allow you to either suggest changes to current features or even to include new features altogether. See this document for details if you are interested.
Note that my own updates to the site will of course continue, and the feedback forms (found under each feature table) are still good alternative methods for providing corrections/updates that I may have missed. Let me also take this moment to thank everyone who's done so so far, it's very much appreciated!
So thanks in advance to anyone interested in contributing to the site, I hope this new method will help keep the site of maximum usefulness to the web developer community.