Caniuse News

New customization options for browser selection on compatibility tables

Caniuse has added new options to select exactly which browser versions you're interested in seeing support data for. By default, displayed versions on caniuse are based solely on usage, which is what matters in most cases.
But in some cases you may be specifically interested in supporting browser version ranges starting at a given version, or from a specific date. Your company may have policies on exactly how far back browsers should be supported. The new browser set feature should help in showing you just the information you need.
To get started, look in the Settings panel, find the "browser set" section and click "Add new set".
A browser set is a list of rules (based on browserslist) that determines which browser versions appear in support tables. For example you can now select "last 5 Firefox versions" or "Edge versions > 14" or even "All browser versions released since 2016".
Sets can be imported & exported, and links can be generated that include selected browser set settings so you can share a feature table that includes the exact browsers you care about. If you find any issues with this new tool, please file an issue. Thanks!