Caniuse News

Beta site updates

An overhaul of the front-end is coming up with performance improvements and a number of new features! You can test it for yourself at

- Better visual accessibility: higher contrast and pattern backgrounds for support cells
- Dark mode support
- Better organized Settings panel
- Nicer URLs ( e.g. /flexbox instead of /#feat=flexbox )
- Better static pages, more functionality with JS disabled
- Consolidated settings for which browsers are shown
- Better browser set editor, with preview
- Option to sort browsers by usage
- Option to rename analytics source name
- Feature tables can be added to "saved" list for easy revisit & sharing custom list of features
- Feature summary for multiple features with Combined, Intersection, Union & Average score views
- Better date relative view with sticky headers and each year displayed for better overview
- Search results provide option to toggle caniuse/MDN features
- Various performance improvements (better Lighthouse score)

If you run into any bugs please report them on GitHub. Thanks!