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Announcement: We've partnered with BrowserStack

Test properties on real browsers and devices

Back in 2009, I was trying to find out which browsers supported the (then) upcoming features. Because this was so difficult to find, I created, originally calling it ‘When Can I Use’. At the time, I could not have imagined all the love it would receive, or that it would soon become one of the most popular compatibility tools in the market.

Today, I’m thrilled to announce a partnership with BrowserStack, the world’s leading app and browser testing platform. Through this partnership, you’ll be able to test a feature on a real browser or device immediately after searching for its compatibility on Can I Use.

You can take your pick of the browser and browser version to run your test on. Each test is run on a real browser hosted on a real device, within one of BrowserStack’s 15 worldwide data centres. Let me explain why you should test on browsers.

Why cross browser testing is crucial

The global device market today consists of 9,000+ devices shipped with one of 21 different operating systems. Add to this the hundreds of browsers and browser versions out there—and your user could be on any one of them.

This browser-device fragmentation causes UI problems, low-res displays, janky animations, and bad user experience, which ultimately results in a loss of reputation and revenue. The only way to prevent this is by ensuring that your website works well on your user’s device.

And since good user experience is requisite for any product to grow, you need to start making cross browser testing an essential part of your everyday workflow. Our latest partnership with BrowserStack will help you do exactly this—test properties on real browsers and devices.

How to enable the integration

Launch a browser session from Caniuse and sign in (or sign up) on BrowserStack’s login page to enable the integration.

The best part

BrowserStack offers a free trial for Caniuse users, with extended minutes per session.

A little bit about BrowserStack

BrowserStack gives you instant access to 2,000+ real browsers and devices. The app and browser testing platform helps dev teams deliver quality at speed and move fast by creating amazing experiences for every customer.

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