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Feature suggestion list

This list shows all suggested support table features based on GitHub issues. The vote count is based on total thumbs up (👍) reactions for each issue. The list is updated every hour.

1. Support JavaScript Class and Property Decorators (ES Stage 2 Draft)30
2. HTTP content-encoding: zstd29
3. Add support table for CSP 3.0 compliance28
4. Add lab() and lch() from CSS Color Module Level 428
5. Suggestion: MediaRecorder.isTypeSupported supported types/codecs27
6. window.onerror - / - particularly mobile browser support24
7. form input property "valueAsNumber"23
8. css/svg property dominant-baseline23
9. Add WebDriver22
10. Add HTTP 103 Early Hints22
11. Can I use Reporting API22
12. Add ES7/2016 SIMD21
13. Add CSS Nesting21
14. text-wrap21
15. Entries for href values including `tel:1234567` and `sms:1234567`20
16. Add CSS Color Module Level 5 (color-adjust(), color-mix(), color-contrast())19
17. Hyphenation Options19
18. I suggest adding statistics for Aural style sheets which contain CSS properties such as "speak....18
19. CSS3 module "Generated Content for Paged Media" and especially the target-counter function18
20. Priority hints API18
21. JavaScript: Tail Call Support information missing18
22. XSLT Support table17
23. New feature: CSS Typed Object Model (CSS Typed OM)17
24. Support constructible stylesheets / adoptedStyleSheets16
25. WebExtensions (browser extensions)16
26. TLS ECH (Encrypted Client Hello), formerly known as ESNI (Encrypted Server Name Indication)15
27. Support Intrinsic Size Attribute15
28. Page Lifecycle API15
29. device-cmyk css feature15
30. Add CSS Grid Layout Module Level 3 (Masonry!)15
31. border-corner-shape15
32. Track support for newly added spec: Dimensions (width/height) in <source> tags15
33. Add hwb() CSS function14
34. Add Media Queries Ranges14
35. Add beforeinput event13
36. Check browser support for displaying MJPEG files. This is a motion JPEG file format that is supporte...13
37. `content: leader('.');`13
38. Geo URI scheme13
39. + WASM SIMD13
40. text-security missing in list of features12
41. Color Fonts including SVG-in-OT fonts12
42. I suggest support for TransferableObject types (of which there are several) 12
43. SVGZ-specific support table since iOS < 4.2 doesn't support it, but does support SVG. Not su...12
44. Soft hyphen: html entity &shy;11
45. WebTransport11
46. webcl?11
47. Async iterators / for await of11
48. Add Report-To API (Intervention Reports)10
49. queueMicrotask support10
50. ElementInternals/form-associated custom element10
51. CSS Box Alignment Module Level 310
52. New feature request: OCSP must-staple9
53. Support for SVG's "shape-rendering" CSS property. 9
54. Progressive JPEGs start to show on pages faster, from low quality and eventually getting their 100% ...9
55. Add caniuse data for Contact Picker API9
56. Please add iFrame element contentWindow property9
57. Cookies: max-age9
58. Add float: footnote to CSS39
59. CSS3 Speech Module Which browsers support it? See9
60. @font-face descriptors to override font metrics9
61. Quota Management API 9
62. Include `baseline-shift` CSS property9
63. Add Web Share Target API8
64. Add Web Share Level 28
65. caniuse : Constructable Stylesheet8
66. Add WebRTC insertable streams8
67. Badging API8
68. Add supported elliptical curves (HTTPS/TLS)8
69. webM alpha transparency8
70. Add CSS animation timing function spring()8
71. SVG viewport-fill property support8
72. List support for the window.fetch keepalive option8
73. HTTP2 Server Push8
74. SVG viewport-fill-opacity property support7
75. Alt-Svc header browser support info: consider adding7
76. RFC7692 Compression Extensions for WebSocket7
77. User-Agent Client Hints (UA-CH)7
78. Add support for the __Host- and __Secure-7
79. Support CSS two-value display syntax7
80. Add SVG `use` with external reference7
81. WebGL extensions7
82. Please add "isInputPending()"7
83. input[autocomplete] (values besides on/off) 7
84. HTMLVideoElement.requestVideoFrameCallback()7
85. Secure Cookie flag7
86. Feature: Origin-bound one-time codes delivered via SMS7
87. one-time-code7
88. autocorrect for input fileds7
89. 'imagesizes' & 'imagesrcset' for <link rel="preload">7
90. Support for the frame-ancestors directive7
91. Fetch Metadata Request Headers6
92. Add `multipart/x-mixed-replace`6
93. HTML Modules6
94. Show Support for JSON Modules6
95. WebCrypto Key Discovery6
96. Add save-data client hint6
97. Add 'require-sri-for' CSP Directive6
98. New feature request: x25519 Key Exchange6
99. MediaStream Image Capture6
100. Cannot see |ImageCapture| entry in the web interface.6
101. Geofencing API6
102. Flag storage that is not available under private mode6
103. Track Intl.Segmenter6
104. Module Worker support6
105. CSS tag {content: url()}6
106. Add `enterkeyhint` attribute ("Enter Key Hint")6
107. Add `accent-color` property (CSS UI 4)6
108. CSS 3 property: text-autospace and text-spacing6
109. Add Webassembly Threads / Threaded Webassembly6
110. Add scroll-padding6
111. Adding Khronos gITF 2.0 for 3D models5
112. Add Web Share Target API Level 25
113. Observable5
114. add support for PerformanceLongTaskTiming5
115. mediagroup content attribute, MediaController object, VideoTrackList, AudioTrackList objects5
116. audio / video autoplay attribute and play function5
117. Accelerated Shape Detection in Images5
118. Add font-palette-values5
119. Please track the various HTTP Set-Cookie options supported by browsers5
120. Add isSecureContext feature to list5
121. Support individual CSP rules5
122. Add support tables for document.documentElement.clientWidth5
123. Add info about css user-modify and -webkit-user-modify:read-write-plaintext-only 5
124. -ms-overflow-style5
125. Track support for navigator.getInstalledRelatedApps()5
126. This regards adding support for the navigator.userAgentData5
127. HTTP Strict Transport Security Preload5
128. Add Declarative Shadow DOM5
129. Add autocorrect, autocapitalize, autocomplete attributes5
130. Embedded color profiles in JPEG images.5
131. Feature: A Well-Known URL for Changing Passwords5
132. New top level domains (TLD)4
133. [CSS Level 4 pseudo-class] :user-error4
134. Audio codec - xHE-AAC / USAC4
135. Payment Handler API4
136. Web locks4
137. allowtransparency4
138. TCP Fast-Open. Now that Linux kernels enable this by default (and web servers likely won't be ...4
139. Add Cookie Store API4
140. Add raw sockets API4
141. Cache-Control 4
142. CSS Round Display4
143. `Cross-Origin-Embedder-Policy` HTTP header4
144. Add previousSibling and previousElementSibling4
145. ::-webkit-file-upload-button4
146. CSS Shaders - 4
147. Bundled HTTP Exchanges4
148. Screen Capture4
149. For printing support for the size:landscape option to tell the browser what page orientation we want...4
150. USDZ file format4
151. Arithmetic coded JPEG support4
152. Add `text-underline-offset` property4
153. Input Events Level 1 and 24
154. Add Versatile Video Coding (VVC) … somewhen4
155. Page-margin boxes (@top-center, etc)4
156. Support the W3 Web Annotation standard (W3C Recommendation)4
157. CSS image() functional notation (e.g. for background-images etc). See 4
158. navigator.isProtocolHandlerRegistered and .unregisterProtocolHandler4
159. Support aria-hidden html property4
160. getTotalLength()3
161. add window-inactive pseudo-class3
162. SVG sprites with <symbol> and <use>3
163. ActiveX3
164. event.ctrlKey3
165. The "auto" value for the dir attribute, added in HTML5 to ease inserting text of unknown d...3
166. display: table-caption?3
167. Private Click Measurement (PCM)3
168. The !important css thing. It's very !important ;).3
169. Grid-auto-flow3
170. place-items shorthand for justify and align3
171. Add <data> element3
172. Keyboard Lock3
173. [WebCryptoAPI] randomUUID3
174. Add support for Trust Tokens API3
175. CSS multicol data is mixed with fragmentation3
176. Add `WebOTP` to list of apis3
178. Add support for addHitRegion3
179. Add meta "format-detection"3
180. <virtual-scroller>3
181. Adding Silverlight usage stats3
182. Support for MHTML3
183. new CSS trigonometry functions3
184. Add ECC certificates3
185. ECMAscript - static properties3
186. Add Intl.DisplayNames3
187. New browser feature: rest/spread in object literals3
188. Network Service Discovery3
189. Add support for requestSubmit3
190. Support SVG width/height = auto3
191. Public class properties3
192. Add Media Session API Coverage Information3
193. Add data for link rel="alternate"3
194. Add `dynamic-range` media query3
195. Show ANSI escape code for console.log.2
196. add captureVisibleTab2
197. Support for Canvas isPointInPath()2
198. Storage Access API2
199. Support KV Storage build-in module2
200. .getPointAtLength()2
201. Add Integrated Windows Authentication2
202. CSS page property (for printing)2
203. Add Geolocation Sensor2
204. <input type=file>: ability to modify the selected files via JS2
205. <semantics> element in MathML is not found in caniuse.com2
206. Remote Playback API2
207. Why not suggests 'setPrototypeOf '2
208. Loading Signed Exchanges2
209. Wildcard "*" support for Access-Control-Allow-Headers/Methods2
210. MediaDevices.selectAudioOutput2
211. CanIUse OpenSearch2
212. Support for Digital Goods API2
213. Please add ES3 support2
214. Spatial Navigation support2
215. track support for the media query feature -ms-high-contrast2
216. add Accessibility Object Model2
217. JS Self-Profiling API2
218. Add information about CSS pseudo selector :defined2
219. Track adoption of DOMFrameContentLoaded event2
220. EventTarget Constructor2
221. support destructuring assignment as separate es feature2
222. Tiff image format2
223. getEventListeners not listed2
224. Add System Colors item2
225. for ... of support data2
226. Add Sanitizer API2
227. add "unicode property escapes"2
228. SSML2
229. Add PNG cursor2
230. [DOM API] `signal` option on EventTarget.protoype.addEventListener2
231. Graphite font support2
232. add csp lv2 violation event2
233. add iframe.csp2
234. justify-content: space-around2
235. SVG image auto height2
236. dns.resolve2
237. Feature suggestion: add "scrollRestoration" for the History API2
238. Add information for the webcal and webcals protocols for subscribing to iCalendars2
239. InputDeviceCapabilities API2
240. srcset/sizes attribute / picture element support in SVG2
241. Load event support on link nodes to show when a stylesheet is finished loading. See for a discussio...2
242. SVG Foreign Object is a way to combine different XML namespaces elements into the SVG. 2
243. HTTP Trailers2
244. Directional focus navigation: the nav-up, nav-right, nav-down, nav-left properties2
245. String.prototype.split() with a regex with grouping ( parentheses ).2
246. UTF-8 Dingbats2
247. Content-Security-Policy: script-nonce2
248. Bitmap images inside SVG files. Some browsers that support SVG, will not show embedded bitmap image...2
249. Add transitionstart event2
250. Add 'animated GIF as favicon'?2
251. documentMode2
252. filename*=UTF-8''...2
253. CSS touch-action level 2 values2
254. Add `q` (quarter-millimeters) length unit2
255. x-webkit-speech2
256. Basic Authentication: AuthName directive2
257. What about showing support for various link attributes, like "subresource" or "dns-pr...2
258. Support for CSS3 background-repeat-x and background-repeat-y properties2
259. Add other values of `user-select` property2
260. Add support for FlyWeb API2
261. getFilesAndDirectories2
262. SharedMemory/Atomics2
263. Support of sms: and mms: in mobile browsers is not clear2
264. Add new SVG filter effects2
265. onerror event on iframe2
266. Content-Security-Policy: block-all-mixed-content2
267. Add browser support for toggle()2
268. setTimeout and setInterval callback parameters2
269. Can I use X3D?2
270. Device-Memory Client Hint & navigator.deviceMemory JS API2
271. HTTP immutable responses2
272. Add
273. console.assert(boolean_expression)2
274. Input type=email with "multiple" attribute2
275. Feature request: Token Binding Protocol1
276. Add Compression Stream API1
277. Add layout-instability support1
278. Missing feature: Clipboard API supported mimetypes1
279. Add WebKit Tap Highlight Color (-webkit-tap-highlight-color)?1
280. rel="ar" support1
281. background-composite1
282. Intl.NumberFormat - notation (scientific, engineering, etc)1
283. What is the browser support for the newly proposed "page-orientation" property?1
284. IETF RFCs1
285. x-webkit-airplay1
286. add onstorage1
287. Video media in image contexts1
288. show support for namespacing; for example <svg: namespace 1
289. Add the Javascript double asterisk power operator (**) to the list of supported features1
290. Document Policies1
291. MediaTrackConstraints1
292. Support info for the <track> element1
293. Add a footnote regarding HTMLAudioElement1
294. window.event1
295. Add Text.wholeText property1
296. add CSS Extensions meant for renaming1
297. request support for 'accept-charset'1
298. Request: IPv6 proxy functions (myIpAddressEx and friends)1
299. Add CSS4 Grid structural selectors1
300. Add KeyboardEvent.repeat compatibility info1
301. Clean up css-touch-action1
302. Add information on context-stroke and context-fill1
303. Add windows-theme media query selector1
304. browserconfig.xml support info1
305. Add desynchronized (low latency canvas contexts)1
306. Edge and IE don't support IndexedDB in web workers1
307. @top-left @bottom-center ? can you test for compatibility1
308. Please add support for getTimezoneOffset()1
309. Add method1
310. HTMLInputElement API: select support1
311. The xml:space attribute1
312. Add Support for MPEG-4 Part 2 SP/ASP1
313. ie behavior1
314. grid-row-gap and grid-column-gap1
315. window.localMediaStream is not listed1
316. Information about WavPack audio format1
317. Request: nav-up, nav-down, nav-left, nav-right css3 properties1
318. InsertKey Behaviour Overwrite/Normal Mode1
319. bidi algorithm (for right-to-left Unicode characters)1
320. No information about the `unselectable` HTML attribute.1
321. Add support information for font metric override descriptors1
322. accesskey attribute on non-focusable elements (should cause a click element to fire1
323. <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" />1
324. WebXR Hand Input Module - Level 11
325. Support for XPath 2.0 (interesting for a lot of new functions, like base-uri(), matches() etc.)1
326. Touch Icons, per 1
327. Add CSS Properties and Values API1
328. Web intents/Web Activities 1
329. TIF / TIFF Image formats1
330. FLoC support1
331. column-break-after atm only via: -webkit-column-break-after1
332. Textarea wrap attribute (off, soft, hard, virtual, physical)1
333. Add `::-webkit-details-marker`1
334. Add: "color" and "background-color" CSS on <option> elements1
335. Add URL Protocol Handler Registration for PWAs1
336. Browser support for RTP streams?1
337. requestPostAnimationFrame browser support?1
338. I suggest adding information about support for alternate HTTP methods such as PUT and PATCH.1
339. line-height support and the differences in rendering between webkit&trident and other engines.1
340. E4X: ECMAScript for XML1
341. Add CSS module script/CSS modules1
342. Add `media` attribute for `<meta>` element (for `<meta name="theme-color">`)1
343. MediaStream Recording (1
344. device-pixel-content-box for ResizeObserver1
345. CSS Inline Layout1
346. Suggestion for Which browsers.versions support multiple tbody elements in a single table?1
347. Add support for svg fill-rule1
348. longdesc attribute support1
349. Input type=range with "multiple" attribute1
350. CMAF1
351. css animation on “content:” - works on chrome, doesn't work on Safari and Firefox1
352. Adding contain-intrinsic-size (suggestion)1
353. create @Media Types1
354. Tracking various WebAuthn features1
355. Add `::target-text` (from CSS Pseudo-Elements Module Level 4)1
356. webkit-calendar-picker-indicator1
357. "GeometryUtils" - part of the CSSOM. Provides much better position information than existi...1
358. The hanging-punctuation property: Currently unsupported by any browser, but it would be nice to ...1
359. Streams API: transferable streams1
360. iframe disallowdocumentaccess property1
361. performance.measureMemory()1
362. script tag onerror attribute1
363. image-resolution. I've seen this as a good alternative for retina images as opposed to backgro...1
364. `from-image` as initial value of `image-orientation`1
365. auto Picture-in-Picture1
366. Metadata name: HandheldFriendly1
367. Metadata name: MobileOptimized1
368. Add the "frame" HTML tag : some browsers don't support it !1
369. Support for hrefTranslate1
370. Animating SVG paths using CSS1
371. Refresh1
372. Support for calc() in polygon and other shapes1
373. Add support for CSS3 move-to property1
374. IPv6 support in web browsers1
375. add ime-mode1
376. Add support for HTTP header X-Permitted-Cross-Domain-Policies1
377. SHA1 certificates1
378. Suggestion: support for margin-collapse?1
379. aria-labelledby1
380. Add `onpagehide` support data1
381. Add: Tracking Preference Expression APIs1
382. add "document.contentType"1
383. Missing computed property names1
384. Missing `StorageQuota` support1
385. Add XSL to caniuse1
386. Support data for Unicode flag on HTML pattern attribute1
387. [HTTP Header] Cross-Origin-Opener-Policy1
388. Node.contains1
389. Character-based alignment in a table column using text-align1
390. Add support information for SVG's getIntersectionList1
391. reflected-xss missing1
392. user-modify1
393. [Feature Policy: sub-feature] Sandbox features1
394. support for HTMLTableElement.createTBody1
395. window.watchMedia()1
396. add mouse event positions event.offsetX and event.offsetY1
397. Open search autodiscovery1
398. HTTP Content-encoding: LZFSE1
399. Add support for the HTTP header X-Download-Options1
400. Add "Named function expressions"1
401. CanvasRenderingContext2D.ellipse()1
402. Add "Controlling Font Display Per Font-Family via @font-feature-values"1
403. Need full 3gp browser compatibility chart.Does it chrome browser supports 3gp format1
404. Support XMLDocument1
405. Add support for document.queryCommandState1
406. Support for ImageBitmapRendereingContext1
407. SVG symbols in CSS1
408. Chained selectors1
409. Javascript pseudoprotocol1
410. aria-label1
411. URLSearchParams.prototype.sort1
412. Add app-region?1
413. JS add oncuechange1
414. add for...of loops1
415. add aria-required to caniuse, if not already there1
416. aria-current1
417. [HTTP Header] Accept-CH-Lifetime1
418. Add css-timing 1
419. Add: Task Scheduler API Specification 1
420. Add High Resolution Time Level 31
421. min/max-device-width/height1
422. [Suggestion] display: fullscreen1
423. support data suggestion: DOM event constructors ?1
424. add micropub1
425. Browser support for displaying the unicode block "Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols"1
426. Support for Unicode and spaces in URL1
427. Add compatibility for FormData1
428. Add H2 ORIGIN frame support1
429. Please add JavaScript string functions trimStart, trimEnd, trimRight, trimLeft1
430. Support Data Suggestion: Clients API1
431. Use of es6 import statements in workers1
432. Add box-suppress1
433. CSS3 new text-transform keywords1
434. Add HTTP_ORIGIN feature1
435. Add Window.stop1
436. step property of input field with type datetime-local and time1
437. please add the onsearch event1
438. Add support for CSS clip property1
439. supported-color-schemes & prefers-color-scheme1
440. document type1
441. <object>.contentWindow Support1
442. Add support for mediacapture-output API's sinkID1
443. Suggestion: Int64 UInt64 (Firefox only AFAIK)1
444. Add Range.getBoundingClientRect browser support table1
445. audio / video .canPlayType(MIMEtype)1
446. Please add support for supported x509 extensions for ʜᴛᴛᴘꜱ certificates1
447. How to show support for font-variation-settings within @font-face?1
448. Javascript - window.onorientationchange 1
449. The event handler window.onscroll is missing1
450. DeviceOrientation and DeviceMotion events on insecure origins1
451. Audio Output Devices API: wd1
452. Drag and Drop API - ghost image with customizable opacity1
453. Drag and Drop API - move constraints1
454. baseline-middle1
455. attachEvent event handler missing from CanIUse1
456. DownloadURL1
457. Cannot find cancelBubble1
458. Suggested addition: navigator.cpuClass1
459. Support for nested calc expressions in CSS values1
460. Missing a check for msConvertURL() on DragEvent1
461. Add a matrix entyre for opentype-with-cff21
462. Suggested addition - document.baseURI1
463. event.path1
464. Please list support for event.eventPhase1
465. Add checking for DataTransfer1
466. Add hreflang attribute usage support for link element1
467. VTTRegion is not found in caniuse1
468. Support for Service Worker Life Cycle Events1
469. Support for RegExp Named Capture Groups1
470. online/offline can also be used as events and are not covered by (only boolean property is covered)1
471. string-set1
472. Report Retry-After header support1
473. Keyboard Map API1
474. apple-touch-icon1
475. date.toLocaleString support tracking plz?1
476. SHA2 certificates1
477. https mixed mode1
478. Add page for relative path in HTTP Location1
479. OfflineAudioContext1
480. Support setCapture and releaseCapture for mouse1
481. column combination1
482. Internationalized Domain Name1
483. CaretPosition missing1
484. Add "specifying a color profile: the `@color-profile` at-rule"1