1. EventTarget.addEventListener()

    The modern standard API for adding DOM event handlers. Introduced in the DOM Level 2 Events spec. Also implies support for `removeEventListener`, the [capture phase](https://dom.spec.whatwg.org/#dom-event-capturing_phase) of DOM event dispatch, as well as the `stopPropagation()` and `preventDefault()` event methods.

  2. #rrggbbaa hex color notation

    The CSS Color Module Level 4 defines new 4 & 8 character hex notation for color to include the opacity level.

  3. CSS 2.1 selectors

    Basic CSS selectors including: `*` (universal selector), `>` (child selector), `:first-child`, `:link`, `:visited`, `:active`, `:hover`, `:focus`, `:lang()`, `+` (adjacent sibling selector), `[attr]`, `[attr="val"]`, `[attr~="val"]`, `[attr|="bar"]`, `.foo` (class selector), `#foo` (id selector)

  4. Custom Elements (deprecated V0 spec)

    Original V0 version of the custom elements specification. See [Custom Elements V1](#feat=custom-elementsv1) for support for the latest version.

  5. Hashchange event

    Event triggered in JavaScript when the URL's hash has changed (for example: page.html#foo to page.html#bar)

  6. Email, telephone & URL input types

    Text input fields intended for email addresses, telephone numbers or URLs. Particularly useful in combination with [form validation](https://caniuse.com/#feat=form-validation)

  7. progress element

    Method of indicating a progress state.

  8. Shadow DOM (deprecated V0 spec)

    Original V0 version of the Shadow DOM specification. See [Shadow DOM V1](#feat=shadowdomv1) for support for the latest version.

  9. Speech Recognition API

    Method to provide speech input in a web browser.

  10. SVG fonts

    Method of using fonts defined as SVG shapes. Removed from [SVG 2.0](https://www.w3.org/TR/SVG2/changes.html#fonts) and considered as a deprecated feature with support being removed from browsers.

  11. URL Scroll-To-Text Fragment

    URL fragment that defines a piece of text to be scrolled into view and highlighted.

  12. css selector: id selector (`#idname`)

  13. types: <color>: rgb hexadecimal notation (`#rrggbb`, `#rgb`, …)

  14. types: <color>: rgb hexadecimal notation (`#rrggbb`, `#rgb`, …): rgba hexadecimal notation (`#rrggbbaa`, `#rgba`)

  15. html element: a: href: `href = '#top'`

  16. grammar: hashbang (`#!`) comment syntax

  17. ssl (secure sockets layer)