1. JSON parsing

    Method of converting JavaScript objects to JSON strings and JSON back to objects using JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse()

  2. contactaddress api: tojson

  3. cspviolationreportbody api: tojson

  4. deprecationreportbody api: tojson

  5. dommatrixreadonly api: `tojson()`

  6. dompointreadonly api: `tojson()`

  7. domquad api: `tojson()`

  8. domrectreadonly api: tojson

  9. geolocationcoordinates api: tojson

  10. geolocationposition api: tojson

  11. layoutshiftattribution api: tojson

  12. layoutshift api: tojson

  13. mediadeviceinfo api: `tojson()`

  14. navigatoruadata api: tojson

  15. notrestoredreasons api: tojson

  16. paymentaddress api: `tojson()`

  17. paymentresponse api: `tojson()`

  18. performanceentry api: tojson

  19. performancenavigation api: tojson

  20. performancetiming api: tojson

  21. performance api: tojson

  22. pressurerecord api: tojson

  23. publickeycredential api: tojson

  24. pushmessagedata api: json

  25. pushsubscription api: `tojson()`

  26. reportbody api: tojson

  27. report api: tojson

  28. request api: json

  29. response api: json

  30. response api: json_static

  31. rtcicecandidate api: tojson

  32. rtcsessiondescription api: tojson

  33. taskattributiontiming api: tojson

  34. trustedhtml api: tojson

  35. trustedscripturl api: tojson

  36. trustedscript api: tojson

  37. url api: tojson

  38. videocolorspace api: tojson

  39. xmlhttprequest api: responsetype: json_value

  40. javascript built-in: date: tojson

  41. javascript built-in: json

  42. javascript built-in: json: israwjson

  43. javascript built-in: json: javascript is a superset of json

  44. javascript built-in: json: parse

  45. javascript built-in: json: parse: reviver has `context` parameter

  46. javascript built-in: json: rawjson

  47. javascript built-in: json: stringify

  48. javascript built-in: json: stringify: strings are escaped to well-formed utf-8

  49. javascript statement: import: import attributes with `assert` syntax (formerly import assertions): `assert {type: 'json'}`

  50. javascript statement: import: import attributes (`with` syntax): `with {type: 'json'}`