1. CSS Filter Effects

    Method of applying filter effects using the `filter` property to elements, matching filters available in SVG. Filter functions include blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, invert, opacity, sepia and saturate.

  2. LCH and Lab color values

    The `lch()` and `lab()` color functions are based on the CIE LAB color space, representing colors in a way that closely matches human perception and provides access to a wider spectrum of colors than offered by the usual RGB color space.

  3. audiotrack api: label

  4. bluetooth api: `availabilitychanged` event

  5. bluetooth api: getavailability

  6. elementinternals api: arialabel

  7. elementinternals api: labels

  8. element api: arialabel

  9. event api: cancelable

  10. htmlbuttonelement api: labels

  11. htmlelement api: accesskeylabel

  12. htmlinputelement api: labels

  13. htmllabelelement api

  14. htmllabelelement api: control

  15. htmllabelelement api: form

  16. htmllabelelement api: htmlfor

  17. htmlmenuelement api: label

  18. htmlmenuitemelement api: label

  19. htmlmeterelement api: labels

  20. htmloptgroupelement api: label

  21. htmloptionelement api: label

  22. htmloutputelement api: labels

  23. htmlprogresselement api: labels

  24. htmlselectelement api: labels

  25. htmltextareaelement api: labels

  26. htmltrackelement api: label

  27. mediadeviceinfo api: label

  28. mediarecorder api: `dataavailable` event

  29. mediastreamtrack api: label

  30. navigator api: mozislocallyavailable

  31. presentationavailability api

  32. presentationavailability api: `change` event

  33. presentationavailability api: value

  34. presentationconnectionavailableevent api

  35. presentationconnectionavailableevent api: connection

  36. presentationconnectionavailableevent api: `presentationconnectionavailableevent()` constructor

  37. presentationrequest api: getavailability

  38. remoteplayback api: watchavailability

  39. rtcdatachannel api: label

  40. screendetailed api: label

  41. texttrack api: label

  42. videotrack api: label

  43. types: <color>: `oklab()` (oklab color model)

  44. html element: label

  45. html element: label: for

  46. html element: menu: label

  47. html element: optgroup: label

  48. html element: option: label

  49. html element: track: label

  50. javascript statement: label