1. Asynchronous Clipboard API

    A modern, asynchronous Clipboard API based on Promises

  2. Async functions

    Async functions make it possible to treat functions returning Promise objects as if they were synchronous.

  3. ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

    Support for the ECMAScript 2015 specification. Features include Promises, Modules, Classes, Template Literals, Arrow Functions, Let and Const, Default Parameters, Generators, Destructuring Assignment, Rest & Spread, Map/Set & WeakMap/WeakSet and many more.

  4. Promise.prototype.finally

    When the promise is settled, whether fulfilled or rejected, the specified callback function is executed.

  5. Promises

    A promise represents the eventual result of an asynchronous operation.

  6. unhandledrejection/rejectionhandled events

    The `unhandledrejection` event is fired when a Promise is rejected but there is no rejection handler to deal with the rejection. The `rejectionhandled` event is fired when a Promise is rejected, and after the rejection is handled by the promise's rejection handling code.

  7. baseaudiocontext api: decodeaudiodata: returns a `promise`

  8. document api: exitfullscreen: returns a `promise`

  9. element api: requestfullscreen: returns a `promise`

  10. htmlmediaelement api: play: returns a `promise`

  11. offlineaudiocontext api: startrendering: returns a `promise`

  12. promiserejectionevent api

  13. promiserejectionevent api: promise

  14. promiserejectionevent api: `promiserejectionevent()` constructor

  15. promiserejectionevent api: reason

  16. rtcpeerconnection api: addicecandidate: returns a `promise`

  17. rtcpeerconnection api: createanswer: returns a `promise`

  18. rtcpeerconnection api: createoffer: returns a `promise`

  19. rtcpeerconnection api: getstats: returns a `promise`

  20. rtcpeerconnection api: `setlocaldescription()`: returns a `promise`

  21. rtcpeerconnection api: `setremotedescription()`: returns a `promise`

  22. javascript built-in: promise: @@species

  23. javascript built-in: promise: `all()`

  24. javascript built-in: promise: `allsettled()`

  25. javascript built-in: promise: any

  26. javascript built-in: promise: `catch()`

  27. javascript built-in: promise: `finally()`

  28. javascript built-in: promise: incumbent settings object tracking

  29. javascript built-in: promise: `promise()` constructor

  30. javascript built-in: promise: `race()`

  31. javascript built-in: promise: `reject()`

  32. javascript built-in: promise: `resolve()`

  33. javascript built-in: promise: `then()`