1. CSS Animation

    Complex method of animating certain properties of an element

  2. SVG SMIL animation

    Method of using animation elements to animate SVG images

  3. Web Animations API

    Lets you create animations that are run in the browser, as well as inspect and manipulate animations created through declarative means like CSS.

  4. XHTML+SMIL animation

    Method of using SMIL animation in web pages

  5. animation api

  6. animationeffect api

  7. animationeffect api: getcomputedtiming

  8. animationeffect api: gettiming

  9. animationeffect api: updatetiming

  10. animationevent api

  11. animationevent api: animationname

  12. animationevent api: elapsedtime

  13. animationevent api: pseudoelement

  14. animationplaybackevent api

  15. animationplaybackevent api: currenttime

  16. animationplaybackevent api: timelinetime

  17. animationtimeline api

  18. animationtimeline api: currenttime

  19. animation api: cancel

  20. animation api: `cancel` event

  21. animation api: commitstyles

  22. animation api: currenttime

  23. animation api: effect

  24. animation api: finish

  25. animation api: finished

  26. animation api: `finish` event

  27. animation api: id

  28. animation api: pause

  29. animation api: pending

  30. animation api: persist

  31. animation api: play

  32. animation api: playbackrate

  33. animation api: playstate

  34. animation api: ready

  35. animation api: `remove` event

  36. animation api: browsers automatically remove indefinite filling animations

  37. animation api: replacestate

  38. animation api: reverse

  39. animation api: starttime

  40. animation api: timeline

  41. animation api: updateplaybackrate

  42. css property: animation-composition

  43. css property: animation-delay

  44. css property: animation-direction

  45. css property: animation-duration

  46. css property: animation-fill-mode

  47. css property: animation-name

  48. css property: animation-play-state

  49. css property: animation-timeline

  50. css property: animation-timing-function