1. calc() as CSS unit value

    Method of allowing calculated values for length units, i.e. `width: calc(100% - 3em)`

  2. CSS math functions min(), max() and clamp()

    More advanced mathematical expressions in addition to `calc()`

  3. CSS Relative colors

    The CSS Relative Color syntax allows a color to be defined relative to another color using the `from` keyword and optionally `calc()` for any of the color values.

  4. WebGPU

    An API for complex rendering and compute, using hardware acceleration. Use cases include demanding 3D games and acceleration of scientific calculations. Meant to supersede WebGL.

  5. performancenavigationtiming api: criticalchrestart

  6. rtcicetransport api: getlocalcandidates

  7. rtcstatsreport api: `candidate-pair` stats: `localcandidateid` in 'candidate-pair' stats

  8. rtcstatsreport api: `transport` stats: `localcertificateid` in 'transport' stats

  9. css at-rule: `@media`: `calc()` expressions

  10. css property: aspect-ratio

  11. css property: column-gap: supported in multi-column layout: `calc()` values

  12. css property: gap: supported in grid layout: `calc()` values

  13. types: <calc-constant>

  14. types: <calc-constant>: `e` constant

  15. types: <calc-constant>: `infinity` and `-infinity` constants

  16. types: <calc-constant>: `nan` constant

  17. types: <calc-constant>: `pi` constant

  18. types: `calc()`: gradient color stops support

  19. types: `calc()`: nested `calc()` support

  20. types: `calc()`: `<number>` value support

  21. svg element: animatemotion: calcmode