1. Date and time input types

    Form field widgets to easily allow users to enter a date, time or both, generally by using a calendar/time input widget. Refers to supporting the following input types: `date`, `time`, `datetime-local`, `month` & `week`.

  2. Internationalization API

    Locale-sensitive collation (string comparison), number formatting, and date and time formatting.

  3. htmlinputelement api: showpicker: `datetime-local` input

  4. html element: input: `type="datetime-local"`

  5. javascript built-in: intl: datetimeformat: `datetimeformat()` constructor: `locales` parameter

  6. javascript built-in: intl: datetimeformat: supportedlocalesof

  7. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.plaindatetime interface: temporal.plaindatetime.tolocalestring()

  8. javascript built-in: temporal api: temporal.zoneddatetime interface: temporal.zoneddatetime.tolocalestring()