1. Details & Summary elements

    The <details> element generates a simple no-JavaScript widget to show/hide element contents, optionally by clicking on its child <summary> element.

  2. htmldetailselement api

  3. htmldetailselement api: open

  4. htmldetailselement api: `toggle` event

  5. paymentmethodchangeevent api: methoddetails

  6. paymentresponse api: details

  7. screendetails api

  8. screendetails api: currentscreen

  9. screendetails api: `currentscreenchange` event

  10. screendetails api: screens

  11. screendetails api: `screenschange` event

  12. storagemanager api: estimate: usagedetails

  13. window api: getscreendetails

  14. css selector: `::-webkit-details-marker`

  15. html element: details: open