1. classList (DOMTokenList)

    Method of easily manipulating classes on elements, using the `DOMTokenList` object.

  2. Declarative Shadow DOM

    Proposal to allow rendering elements with shadow dom (aka web components) using server-side rendering.

  3. DOM manipulation convenience methods

    jQuery-like methods on DOM nodes to insert nodes around or within a node, or to replace one node with another. These methods accept any number of DOM nodes or HTML strings as arguments. Includes: `ChildNode.before`, `ChildNode.after`, `ChildNode.replaceWith`, `ParentNode.prepend`, and `ParentNode.append`.

  4. Document Object Model Range

    A contiguous range of content in a Document, DocumentFragment or Attr

  5. DOMContentLoaded

    JavaScript event that fires when the DOM is loaded, but before all page assets are loaded (CSS, images, etc.).

  6. DOMMatrix

    The `DOMMatrix` interface represents 4x4 matrices, suitable for 2D and 3D operations. Supersedes the `WebKitCSSMatrix` and `SVGMatrix` interfaces.

  7. Element.closest()

    DOM method that returns the current element if it matches the given selector, or else the closest ancestor element that matches the given selector, or else null.

  8. matches() DOM method

    Method of testing whether or not a DOM element matches a given selector. Formerly known (and largely supported with prefix) as matchesSelector.

  9. Media Capture from DOM Elements API

    API to capture Real-Time video and audio from a DOM element, such as a `<video>`, `<audio>`, or `<canvas>` element via the `captureStream` method, in the form of a `MediaStream`

  10. relList (DOMTokenList)

    Method of easily manipulating rel attribute values on elements, using the DOMTokenList object (similar to classList).

  11. Shadow DOM (deprecated V0 spec)

    Original V0 version of the Shadow DOM specification. See [Shadow DOM V1](#feat=shadowdomv1) for support for the latest version.

  12. Shadow DOM (V1)

    Method of establishing and maintaining functional boundaries between DOM trees and how these trees interact with each other within a document, thus enabling better functional encapsulation within the DOM & CSS.

  13. Trusted Types for DOM manipulation

    An API that forces developers to be very explicit about their use of powerful DOM-injection APIs. Can greatly improve security against XSS attacks.

  14. DOM Parsing and Serialization

    Various DOM parsing and serializing functions, specifically `DOMParser`, `XMLSerializer`, `innerHTML`, `outerHTML` and `insertAdjacentHTML`.

  15. domerror api

  16. domexception api

  17. dommatrix api

  18. dommatrix api: a

  19. dommatrix api: b

  20. dommatrix api: c

  21. dommatrix api: d

  22. dommatrix api: e

  23. dommatrix api: f

  24. dommatrix api: m12

  25. dommatrix api: m13

  26. dommatrix api: m14

  27. dommatrix api: m32

  28. dommatrix api: m33

  29. dommatrix api: m42

  30. dommatrix api: m43

  31. dommatrix api: m44

  32. domparser api

  33. dompoint api

  34. dompoint api: w

  35. dompoint api: x

  36. dompoint api: y

  37. dompoint api: z

  38. domquad api

  39. domquad api: p1

  40. domquad api: p2

  41. domquad api: p3

  42. domquad api: p4

  43. domrect api

  44. domrectlist api

  45. domrect api: width

  46. domrect api: x

  47. domrect api: y

  48. domstringlist api

  49. domstringmap api

  50. domtokenlist api