1. CSS font-display

    `@font-face` descriptor `font-display` that allows control over how a downloadable font renders before it is fully loaded.

  2. Download attribute

    When used on an anchor, this attribute signifies that the browser should download the resource the anchor points to rather than navigate to it.

  3. Font unicode-range subsetting

    This @font-face descriptor defines the set of Unicode codepoints that may be supported by the font face for which it is declared. The descriptor value is a comma-delimited list of Unicode range (<urange>) values. The union of these ranges defines the set of codepoints that serves as a hint for user agents when deciding whether or not to download a font resource for a given text run.

  4. @font-face Web fonts

    Method of displaying fonts downloaded from websites

  5. applicationcache api: `downloading` event

  6. backgroundfetchregistration api: downloaded

  7. backgroundfetchregistration api: downloadtotal

  8. htmlanchorelement api: download

  9. htmlareaelement api: download

  10. navigateevent api: downloadrequest

  11. svgaelement api: download

  12. html element: area: download

  13. html element: a: download

  14. html element: iframe: sandbox: `sandbox="allow-downloads"`

  15. blocks some or all insecure mixed content.: block mixed downloads.

  16. svg element: a: download