1. Audio element

    Method of playing sound on webpages (without requiring a plug-in). Includes support for the following media properties: `currentSrc`, `currentTime`, `paused`, `playbackRate`, `buffered`, `duration`, `played`, `seekable`, `ended`, `autoplay`, `loop`, `controls`, `volume` & `muted`

  2. Media Queries: interaction media features

    Allows a media query to be set based on the presence and accuracy of the user's pointing device, and whether they have the ability to hover over elements on the page. This includes the `pointer`, `any-pointer`, `hover`, and `any-hover` media features.

  3. Picture element

    A responsive images method to control which image resource a user agent presents to a user, based on resolution, media query and/or support for a particular image format

  4. querySelector/querySelectorAll

    Method of accessing DOM elements using CSS selectors

  5. Video element

    Method of playing videos on webpages (without requiring a plug-in). Includes support for the following media properties: `currentSrc`, `currentTime`, `paused`, `playbackRate`, `buffered`, `duration`, `played`, `seekable`, `ended`, `autoplay`, `loop`, `controls`, `volume` & `muted`

  6. elementinternals api: ariarequired

  7. element api: ariarequired

  8. element api: getboxquads

  9. element api: queryselector

  10. element api: queryselectorall

  11. element api: requestfullscreen

  12. element api: requestfullscreen: `options.navigationui` parameter

  13. element api: requestfullscreen: returns a `promise`

  14. element api: requestpointerlock

  15. element api: requestpointerlock: `options.unadjustedmovement` parameter

  16. htmlcanvaselement api: toblob: `quality` parameter

  17. htmlmarqueeelement api

  18. htmlmarqueeelement api: loop

  19. htmlmarqueeelement api: start

  20. htmlmarqueeelement api: stop

  21. htmlquoteelement api

  22. htmlquoteelement api: cite

  23. html element: blockquote

  24. html element: blockquote: cite

  25. html element: canvas: moz-opaque

  26. html element: html: manifest: secure context required

  27. html element: iframe: allowpaymentrequest

  28. html element: link: prefetch: secure context required

  29. html element: marquee

  30. html element: marquee: behavior

  31. html element: marquee: bgcolor

  32. html element: marquee: direction

  33. html element: marquee: height

  34. html element: marquee: hspace

  35. html element: marquee: loop

  36. html element: marquee: scrollamount

  37. html element: marquee: scrolldelay

  38. html element: marquee: truespeed

  39. html element: marquee: vspace

  40. html element: marquee: width

  41. html element: meta: http-equiv

  42. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-language

  43. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-security-policy

  44. html element: meta: http-equiv: content-type

  45. html element: meta: http-equiv: refresh

  46. html element: meta: http-equiv: set-cookie

  47. html element: q

  48. html element: select: required

  49. html element: textarea: required

  50. svg element: feturbulence: basefrequency