1. KeyboardEvent.charCode

    A legacy `KeyboardEvent` property that gives the Unicode codepoint number of a character key pressed during a `keypress` event.

  2. KeyboardEvent.code

    A `KeyboardEvent` property representing the physical key that was pressed, ignoring the keyboard layout and ignoring whether any modifier keys were active.

  3. KeyboardEvent.which

    A legacy `KeyboardEvent` property that is equivalent to either `KeyboardEvent.keyCode` or `KeyboardEvent.charCode` depending on whether the key is alphanumeric.

  4. unhandledrejection/rejectionhandled events

    The `unhandledrejection` event is fired when a Promise is rejected but there is no rejection handler to deal with the rejection. The `rejectionhandled` event is fired when a Promise is rejected, and after the rejection is handled by the promise's rejection handling code.

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