1. ECMAScript 2015 (ES6)

    Support for the ECMAScript 2015 specification. Features include Promises, Modules, Classes, Template Literals, Arrow Functions, Let and Const, Default Parameters, Generators, Destructuring Assignment, Rest & Spread, Map/Set & WeakMap/WeakSet and many more.

  2. ES6 Generators

    ES6 Generators are special functions that can be used to control the iteration behavior of a loop. Generators are defined using a `function*` declaration.

  3. mediastreamtrackgenerator api

  4. mediastreamtrackgenerator api: `mediastreamtrackgenerator()` constructor

  5. mediastreamtrackgenerator api: writable

  6. javascript built-in: asyncgenerator

  7. javascript built-in: asyncgeneratorfunction

  8. javascript built-in: asyncgeneratorfunction: `asyncgeneratorfunction()` constructor

  9. javascript built-in: asyncgenerator: next

  10. javascript built-in: asyncgenerator: return

  11. javascript built-in: asyncgenerator: throw

  12. javascript built-in: generator

  13. javascript built-in: generatorfunction

  14. javascript built-in: generatorfunction: `generatorfunction()` constructor

  15. javascript built-in: generator: next

  16. javascript built-in: generator: return

  17. javascript built-in: generator: throw

  18. javascript function: method definitions: async generator methods

  19. javascript function: method definitions: generator methods are not constructable (es2016)

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