1. :in-range and :out-of-range CSS pseudo-classes

    If a temporal or number `<input>` has `max` and/or `min` attributes, then `:in-range` matches when the value is within the specified range and `:out-of-range` matches when the value is outside the specified range. If there are no range constraints, then neither pseudo-class matches.

  2. Minimum length attribute for input fields

    Declares a lower bound on the number of characters a user can input.

  3. htmlinputelement api: indeterminate

  4. htmlinputelement api: min

  5. htmlinputelement api: minlength

  6. css selector: `:indeterminate`: applies to `<input type="checkbox">` elements

  7. css selector: `:indeterminate`: applies to `<input type="radio">` elements

  8. html element: input: min

  9. html element: input: minlength