1. theme-color Meta Tag

    Meta tag to define a suggested color that browsers should use to customize the display of the page or of the surrounding user interface. The meta tag overrides any theme-color set in the web app manifest.

  2. Offline web applications

    Now deprecated method of defining web page files to be cached using a cache manifest file, allowing them to work offline on subsequent visits to the page.

  3. Add to home screen (A2HS)

    The ability for a user to "install" a website and use it as if it was a natively installed app. To enable this behaviour, a website must serve a valid Web App Manifest and load it's assets through a [Service Worker](https://caniuse.com/#feat=serviceworkers).

  4. html element: html: manifest

  5. html element: html: manifest: secure context required

  6. html element: link: rel: manifest

  7. manifest: background_color

  8. manifest: categories

  9. manifest: description

  10. manifest: display

  11. manifest: display_override

  12. manifest: icons

  13. manifest: id

  14. manifest: name

  15. manifest: note_taking

  16. manifest: note_taking: new_note_url

  17. manifest: orientation

  18. manifest: prefer_related_applications

  19. manifest: protocol_handlers

  20. manifest: protocol_handlers: protocol

  21. manifest: protocol_handlers: url

  22. manifest: related_applications

  23. manifest: scope

  24. manifest: screenshots

  25. manifest: share_target

  26. manifest: shortcuts

  27. manifest: short_name

  28. manifest: start_url

  29. manifest: theme_color

  30. headers http header: content-security-policy: manifest-src