1. Media Queries: Range Syntax

    Syntax improvements to make media queries using features that have a "range" type (like width or height) less verbose. Can be used with ordinary mathematical comparison operators: `>`, `<`, `>=`, or `<=`. For example: `@media (100px <= width <= 1900px)` is the equivalent of `@media (min-width: 100px) and (max-width: 1900px)`

  2. Media Fragments

    Allows only part of a resource to be shown, based on the fragment identifier in the URL. Currently support is primarily limited to video track ranges.

  3. mediasource api: clearliveseekablerange

  4. mediasource api: setliveseekablerange

  5. css at-rule: `@media`: `dynamic-range` media feature

  6. css at-rule: `@media`: `video-dynamic-range` media feature