1. Media Fragments

    Allows only part of a resource to be shown, based on the fragment identifier in the URL. Currently support is primarily limited to video track ranges.

  2. Media Source Extensions

    API allowing media data to be accessed from HTML `video` and `audio` elements.

  3. Picture element

    A responsive images method to control which image resource a user agent presents to a user, based on resolution, media query and/or support for a particular image format

  4. WebVTT - Web Video Text Tracks

    Format for marking up text captions for multimedia resources.

  5. audiocontext api: createmediaelementsource

  6. audiocontext api: createmediastreamsource

  7. audiocontext api: createmediastreamtracksource

  8. htmlsourceelement api: media

  9. mediaelementaudiosourcenode api

  10. mediaelementaudiosourcenode api: mediaelement

  11. mediaelementaudiosourcenode api: `mediaelementaudiosourcenode()` constructor

  12. mediasource api

  13. mediasourcehandle api

  14. mediasource api: activesourcebuffers

  15. mediasource api: addsourcebuffer

  16. mediasource api: canconstructindedicatedworker

  17. mediasource api: clearliveseekablerange

  18. mediasource api: duration

  19. mediasource api: endofstream

  20. mediasource api: handle

  21. mediasource api: istypesupported

  22. mediasource api: `mediasource()` constructor

  23. mediasource api: readystate

  24. mediasource api: removesourcebuffer

  25. mediasource api: setliveseekablerange

  26. mediasource api: sourcebuffers

  27. mediasource api: `sourceclose` event

  28. mediasource api: `sourceended` event

  29. mediasource api: `sourceopen` event

  30. mediasource api: available in workers

  31. mediastreamaudiosourcenode api

  32. mediastreamaudiosourcenode api: mediastream

  33. mediastreamaudiosourcenode api: `mediastreamaudiosourcenode()` constructor

  34. mediastreamtrackaudiosourcenode api

  35. mediastreamtrackaudiosourcenode api: `mediastreamtrackaudiosourcenode()` constructor

  36. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats

  37. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `audiolevel` in 'media-source' stats

  38. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `id` in 'media-source' stats

  39. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `kind` in 'media-source' stats

  40. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `timestamp` in 'media-source' stats

  41. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `totalaudioenergy` in 'media-source' stats

  42. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `totalsamplesduration` in 'media-source' stats

  43. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `trackidentifier` in 'media-source' stats

  44. rtcstatsreport api: `media-source` stats: `type` in 'media-source' stats

  45. rtcstatsreport api: `outbound-rtp` stats: `mediasourceid` in 'outbound-rtp' stats

  46. html element: source: media