1. CSS3 Cursors (original values)

    CSS3 cursor values added in the 2004 spec, including none, context-menu, cell, vertical-text, alias, copy, no-drop, not-allowed, nesw-resize, nwse-resize, col-resize, row-resize and all-scroll.

  2. Context menu item (menuitem element)

    Method of defining a context menu item, now deprecated and [removed from the HTML specification](https://github.com/whatwg/html/issues/2730).

  3. element api: `contextmenu` event

  4. htmlelement api: contextmenu

  5. htmlmenuelement api

  6. htmlmenuelement api: compact

  7. htmlmenuelement api: label

  8. htmlmenuelement api: type

  9. htmlmenuitemelement api

  10. htmlmenuitemelement api: checked

  11. htmlmenuitemelement api: default

  12. htmlmenuitemelement api: disabled

  13. htmlmenuitemelement api: icon

  14. htmlmenuitemelement api: label

  15. htmlmenuitemelement api: radiogroup

  16. htmlmenuitemelement api: type

  17. window api: menubar

  18. css property: appearance: `<compat-auto>` (compatibility values `searchfield`, `textarea`, `push-button`, `slider-horizontal`, `checkbox`, `radio`, `square-button`, `menulist`, `listbox`, `meter`, `progress-bar`, `button`)

  19. css property: appearance: `menulist-button`

  20. css property: cursor: `context-menu`

  21. html element: menu

  22. html element: menuitem

  23. html element: menuitem: checked

  24. html element: menuitem: command

  25. html element: menuitem: default

  26. html element: menuitem: disabled

  27. html element: menuitem: icon

  28. html element: menuitem: radiogroup

  29. html element: menuitem: type

  30. html element: menu: `<hr>` creates a separator

  31. html element: menu: label

  32. html element: menu: `type="menu"`

  33. html attribute: contextmenu