1. :indeterminate CSS pseudo-class

    The `:indeterminate` pseudo-class matches indeterminate checkboxes, indeterminate `<progress>` bars, and radio buttons with no checked button in their radio button group.

  2. CSS math functions min(), max() and clamp()

    More advanced mathematical expressions in addition to `calc()`

  3. HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)

    HTTP-based media streaming communications protocol

  4. indeterminate checkbox

    Indeterminate checkboxes are displayed in a state which is distinct both from being checked or being unchecked. They are commonly used in hierarchical checkboxes to indicate that only some of the checkbox's descendants are checked.

  5. Minimum length attribute for input fields

    Declares a lower bound on the number of characters a user can input.

  6. CSS min/max-width/height

    Method of setting a minimum or maximum width or height to an element.

  7. Navigation Timing API

    API for accessing timing information related to navigation and elements.

  8. Resource Timing

    Method to help web developers to collect complete timing information related to resources on a document.

  9. Server Timing

    Mechanism for web developers to annotate network requests with server timing information.

  10. analysernode api: mindecibels

  11. audioparam api: minvalue

  12. cssnumericvalue api: min

  13. gpusupportedlimits api: minstoragebufferoffsetalignment

  14. gpusupportedlimits api: minuniformbufferoffsetalignment

  15. htmlinputelement api: min

  16. htmlinputelement api: minlength

  17. htmlmeterelement api: min

  18. htmltextareaelement api: minlength

  19. vreyeparameters api: minimumfieldofview

  20. css property: flex-basis: min-content

  21. css property: min-block-size

  22. css property: min-block-size: `fit-content`

  23. css property: min-block-size: `fit-content()`

  24. css property: min-block-size: `max-content`

  25. css property: min-height

  26. css property: min-height: `auto`

  27. css property: min-height: `fit-content`

  28. css property: min-height: `fit-content()`

  29. css property: min-height: `max-content`

  30. css property: min-height: `stretch`

  31. css property: min-inline-size

  32. css property: min-inline-size: `fit-content`

  33. css property: min-inline-size: `fit-content()`

  34. css property: min-inline-size: `max-content`

  35. css property: min-width

  36. css property: min-width: `auto`

  37. css property: min-width: `fit-content`

  38. css property: min-width: `fit-content()`

  39. css property: min-width: `max-content`

  40. css property: min-width: `stretch`

  41. types: `min()`

  42. html element: input: min

  43. html element: input: minlength

  44. html element: meter: min

  45. html element: textarea: minlength

  46. javascript built-in: intl: locale: minimize

  47. javascript built-in: math: min

  48. javascript built-in: number: min_safe_integer

  49. javascript built-in: number: min_value

  50. opera mini