1. CSS Filter Effects

    Method of applying filter effects using the `filter` property to elements, matching filters available in SVG. Filter functions include blur, brightness, contrast, drop-shadow, grayscale, hue-rotate, invert, opacity, sepia and saturate.

  2. CSS3 Opacity

    Method of setting the transparency level of an element

  3. #rrggbbaa hex color notation

    The CSS Color Module Level 4 defines new 4 & 8 character hex notation for color to include the opacity level.

  4. SVG (basic support)

    Method of displaying basic Vector Graphics features using the embed or object elements. Refers to the SVG 1.1 spec.

  5. element api: checkvisibility: `options.checkopacity` parameter

  6. element api: checkvisibility: `options.opacityproperty` parameter

  7. css property: fill-opacity

  8. css property: flood-opacity

  9. css property: opacity: support for percentage opacity values

  10. css property: shape-image-threshold: support for percentage opacity values

  11. css property: stop-opacity

  12. css property: stroke-opacity

  13. types: `<filter-function>`: `opacity()`

  14. svg element: feflood: flood-opacity

  15. svg element: stop: stop-opacity