1. CSS3 Border images

    Method of using images for borders

  2. CSS3 Border-radius (rounded corners)

    Method of making the border corners round. Covers support for the shorthand `border-radius` as well as the long-hand properties (e.g. `border-top-left-radius`)

  3. CSS3 Box-sizing

    Method of specifying whether or not an element's borders and padding should be included in size units

  4. CSS Flexible Box Layout Module

    Method of positioning elements in horizontal or vertical stacks. Support includes all properties prefixed with `flex`, as well as `display: flex`, `display: inline-flex`, `align-content`, `align-items`, `align-self`, `justify-content` and `order`.

  5. MediaRecorder API

    The MediaRecorder API (MediaStream Recording) aims to provide a really simple mechanism by which developers can record media streams from the user's input devices and instantly use them in web apps, rather than having to perform manual encoding operations on raw PCM data, etc.

  6. Reversed attribute of ordered lists

    This attribute makes an ordered list number its items in descending order (large to small), instead of ascending order (small to large; the default). The order that the list items are displayed in is not affected.

  7. mediarecorder api

  8. mediarecordererrorevent api

  9. mediarecordererrorevent api: error

  10. mediarecordererrorevent api: `mediarecordererrorevent()` constructor

  11. mediarecorder api: audiobitratemode

  12. mediarecorder api: audiobitspersecond

  13. mediarecorder api: `error` event

  14. mediarecorder api: ignoremutedmedia

  15. mediarecorder api: istypesupported

  16. mediarecorder api: `mediarecorder()` constructor

  17. mediarecorder api: `mediarecorder()` constructor: `options` parameter

  18. mediarecorder api: mimetype

  19. mediarecorder api: ondataavailable

  20. mediarecorder api: onerror

  21. mediarecorder api: onpause

  22. mediarecorder api: onresume

  23. mediarecorder api: onstart

  24. mediarecorder api: onstop

  25. mediarecorder api: onwarning

  26. mediarecorder api: pause

  27. mediarecorder api: requestdata

  28. mediarecorder api: resume

  29. mediarecorder api: start

  30. mediarecorder api: state

  31. mediarecorder api: stop

  32. mediarecorder api: stream

  33. mediarecorder api: videobitspersecond

  34. mediarecorder api: `warning` event

  35. rtcdatachannel api: ordered

  36. svgfeconvolvematrixelement api: orderx

  37. svgfeconvolvematrixelement api: ordery

  38. css property: border

  39. css property: border-block

  40. css property: border-bottom

  41. css property: border-color

  42. css property: border-left

  43. css property: border-right

  44. css property: border-style

  45. css property: border-top

  46. css property: border-width

  47. css property: order

  48. css property: paint-order

  49. attributes: paint-order

  50. attributes: presentation: paint-order