1. CSS outline properties

    The CSS outline properties draw a border around an element that does not affect layout, making it ideal for highlighting. This covers the `outline` shorthand, as well as `outline-width`, `outline-style`, `outline-color` and `outline-offset`.

  2. CSS text-stroke and text-fill

    Method of declaring the outline (stroke) width and color for text.

  3. TTF/OTF - TrueType and OpenType font support

    Support for the TrueType (.ttf) and OpenType (.otf) outline font formats in @font-face.

  4. css property: outline

  5. css property: outline-color

  6. css property: outline-color: `invert`

  7. css property: outline-offset

  8. css property: outline-style

  9. css property: outline-style: `auto`

  10. css property: outline-width

  11. css property: outline: invert