1. CSS3 Cursors (original values)

    CSS3 cursor values added in the 2004 spec, including none, context-menu, cell, vertical-text, alias, copy, no-drop, not-allowed, nesw-resize, nwse-resize, col-resize, row-resize and all-scroll.

  2. CSS3 Cursors: zoom-in & zoom-out

    Support for `zoom-in`, `zoom-out` values for the CSS3 `cursor` property.

  3. Pointer events

    This specification integrates various inputs from mice, touchscreens, and pens, making separate implementations no longer necessary and authoring for cross-device pointers easier. Not to be mistaken with the unrelated "pointer-events" CSS property.

  4. CSS pointer-events (for HTML)

    This CSS property, when set to "none" allows elements to not receive hover/click events, instead the event will occur on anything behind it.

  5. Pointer Lock API

    API that provides access to raw mouse movement data. This is done by ignoring boundaries resulting from screen edges where the cursor can't go beyond, providing proper control for first person or real time strategy games.

  6. document api: exitpointerlock

  7. document api: `pointerlockchange` event

  8. document api: pointerlockelement

  9. document api: `pointerlockerror` event

  10. element api: `auxclick` event: is a `pointerevent`

  11. element api: `click` event: is a `pointerevent`

  12. element api: `contextmenu` event: is a `pointerevent`

  13. element api: `gotpointercapture` event

  14. element api: haspointercapture

  15. element api: `lostpointercapture` event

  16. element api: `pointercancel` event

  17. element api: `pointerdown` event

  18. element api: `pointerenter` event

  19. element api: `pointerleave` event

  20. element api: `pointermove` event

  21. element api: `pointerout` event

  22. element api: `pointerover` event

  23. element api: `pointerrawupdate` event

  24. element api: `pointerup` event

  25. element api: requestpointerlock

  26. element api: setpointercapture

  27. nodeiterator api: pointerbeforereferencenode

  28. pointerevent api

  29. pointerevent api: altitudeangle

  30. pointerevent api: azimuthangle

  31. pointerevent api: getcoalescedevents

  32. pointerevent api: getpredictedevents

  33. pointerevent api: height

  34. pointerevent api: isprimary

  35. pointerevent api: `pointerevent()` constructor

  36. pointerevent api: pointerid

  37. pointerevent api: pointertype

  38. pointerevent api: pointertype: fractional coordinates for `mouse`.

  39. pointerevent api: pressure

  40. pointerevent api: tangentialpressure

  41. pointerevent api: tiltx

  42. pointerevent api: tilty

  43. pointerevent api: twist

  44. pointerevent api: width

  45. shadowroot api: pointerlockelement

  46. css at-rule: `@media`: `any-pointer` media feature

  47. css at-rule: `@media`: `pointer` media feature

  48. css property: cursor: pointer

  49. css property: pointer-events: applies to html elements

  50. html element: iframe: sandbox: `sandbox="allow-pointer-lock"`