1. Resource Hints: dns-prefetch

    Gives a hint to the browser to perform a DNS lookup in the background to improve performance. This is indicated using `<link rel="dns-prefetch" href="https://example.com/">`

  2. Resource Hints: preconnect

    Gives a hint to the browser to begin the connection handshake (DNS, TCP, TLS) in the background to improve performance. This is indicated using `<link rel="preconnect" href="https://example-domain.com/">`

  3. Resource Hints: prefetch

    Informs the browsers that a given resource should be prefetched so it can be loaded more quickly. This is indicated using `<link rel="prefetch" href="(url)">`

  4. Resource Hints: preload

    Using `<link rel="preload">`, browsers can be informed to prefetch resources without having to execute them, allowing fine-grained control over when and how resources are loaded.

  5. Resource Hints: prerender

    Gives a hint to the browser to render the specified page in the background, speeding up page load if the user navigates to it. This is indicated using `<link rel="prerender" href="(url)">`

  6. prefers-color-scheme media query

    Media query to detect if the user has set their system to use a light or dark color theme.

  7. prefers-reduced-motion media query

    CSS media query based on a user preference for preferring reduced motion (animation, etc).

  8. attr api: prefix

  9. document api: prepend

  10. document api: prerendering

  11. element api: prefix

  12. element api: prepend

  13. element api: previouselementsibling

  14. event api: preventdefault

  15. node api: previoussibling

  16. presentation api

  17. presentationavailability api

  18. presentationavailability api: `change` event

  19. presentationavailability api: value

  20. presentationconnection api

  21. presentationconnectionavailableevent api

  22. presentationconnectionavailableevent api: connection

  23. presentationconnectioncloseevent api

  24. presentationconnectioncloseevent api: message

  25. presentationconnectioncloseevent api: reason

  26. presentationconnectionlist api

  27. presentationconnectionlist api: `connectionavailable` event

  28. presentationconnectionlist api: connections

  29. presentationconnection api: binarytype

  30. presentationconnection api: close

  31. presentationconnection api: `close` event

  32. presentationconnection api: `connect` event

  33. presentationconnection api: id

  34. presentationconnection api: `message` event

  35. presentationconnection api: send

  36. presentationconnection api: state

  37. presentationconnection api: terminate

  38. presentationconnection api: `terminate` event

  39. presentationconnection api: url

  40. presentationreceiver api

  41. presentationreceiver api: connectionlist

  42. presentationrequest api

  43. presentationrequest api: `connectionavailable` event

  44. presentationrequest api: getavailability

  45. presentationrequest api: reconnect

  46. presentationrequest api: secure context required

  47. presentationrequest api: start

  48. presentation api: defaultrequest

  49. presentation api: receiver

  50. html element: pre